6500 Miles on Foot from UK to Kathmandu: It Begins

Henry Dunham and Sam Crimp have begun their great adventure! Their journey was flagged off 28th May’2016 which would take them from UK to Kathmandu on foot covering Europe, Middle East and Asia! We will be chronicling their Journey which is meant to raise awareness about brain tumours and cancer and also gather funds for their charity Annie’s Challenge . We had recently published an interview of these two daring dudes and their enormous 6500 challenge .Stay with us on their journey to show solidarity to this noble cause and support to these two daring dudes!!

If you want to make contribution to this noble cause, do your bit by donating here Remember, no amount is big or small…it is your sincerity to the cause that matters !

Latest in!

Henry and Sam have reached Linz in Austria, from where they will be going to Vienna. But Linz seems to be pretty friendly place as their new found friends (two really pretty ladies) give them company through all the craziness these guys are about! But the highlight is the background score!!


Germany to Austria

WARNING! Reduce the volume and then start with the video!! Sam losing it…..guys still smelling real bad and worst, they know it!!! Field of corn for bedroom and some mosquito hunting…..and a grand finishing touch with spectacular Austrian landscape!



To Nuremberg

Encounter with some wild creature…..it was a fox or boar…..may be you can try and make it out from Henry’s mimicry! Did you know that no shower over a week can make it difficult for you to have your coffee guilt free? Yep check out the video and you will know.


Frankfurt to Wurzburg

It is heartening to see how people are opening their doors to Henry and Sam. Super nice people supporting this cause in their own way. Hike through the lovely German woods and hills….rains still refuse to leave them though.


Day 11: Our heroes are transiting from Cologne to Frankfurt with one having a bad ankle and the other a painful shin. Settling down in the nature's lap and then quite deciding that "hotels are great" and then looking for one! Like all their videos, even this one weaves stories and funnies!


Day 5-7: Our guys have crossed over to Germany!! (Clap clap) They get to stay in a BARN with a lovely view of farmland where they share important pros and cons of staying in a barn! Yep ...there's peanuts for breakfast and oh again.... A lot of rain!!!

Day 4: So the guys work really hard to get to the Airport which is shut! Yep that they come to know once they are already there. But in between, it is a big adventure that involves some hilarious Dutch lessons, Dutch women (Wow!) and a daring jump over a Barbed wire fence!


Day 2 & 3: World’s longest road! Yeah it continues like…. forever and obviously to our heroes it felt like one big FOREVER! They get up a lil sore on a misty third morning and are already on road by 6 AM, however both of them end up crying like babies which can happen when you are in pain! Some more rain again…and the journey continues!

Day 1: Rain lashing, thunder growling…….23-24 miles of walk, rashes on hips, aching heels, chafing on the thighs and a flooded tent! Hey but there was one positive thing- A PRETTY FLOWER! Oh poor lads!! But it is all so much fun to hear it from the guys…..it is awesome!! Great going!

Stay tuned as we chronicle their journey. We are rooting for you Henry and Sam. All the best.

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