10 Helpful Tips You Need To Know Before Your Next Beach Vacation!

That breezy atmosphere, exciting vibe and blue waters……every seaside has one of the two facets- the pulsating carnival in the air or meditational serenity. Either ways, beaches make for great holiday destinations. Most of the people prepare damn well for a hike or a sojourn with mountains but when it comes to beach…..ohhh what the hell! In my experience (some good and well, some I don’t like to remember much), a beach holiday needs a decent preparation for your own good. This week we give you hacks and tips that are going to be your wingman on your next beach holiday. And no we are not telling you to lather a lot of sun tan and sun protection over SPF 40….you know them well already. We are talking hacks, tips and accessories that are going to make your life sunny-side-up on the beach!

1. Shedding Clothes? Don't be in a hurry

This one is a particularly handy tip while traveling to International beach destinations. Though you would love to shed your clothes and just lie on sand facing the glorious sun, quite a few countries do not allow it. Heck, you may even land in jail for it! Big example of this is Maldives where on their two main Islands- Male (Capital City) and Hulhumale, there are strict instructions and laws regarding swimwear. So if you saw somebody posing in bikini in Maldives, it is tourist islands they are posing in and if you saw someone posing nude in Maldives then either they are lying or next picture of theirs is from Maldives Central jail (which they did not put up on social network)!

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2. The Collector's Syndrome?

Yep! We like to cover the serious boring part before we go on to fun part. This one again revolves around law of the sands! Many beaches around the world have their fair share of sea shells that get washed ashore and they are sooooo pretty! But before you collect them to take home, make sure it is allowed. Some countries simply disallow collecting shells or marine edifices of any kind whereas others may have a restriction on the number. So check before you are slapped with a humongous fine that burns hole in your pocket all the way to….you know (Ouch!)

3. BB Stands for.........

Complete with Stakes!

Complete with Stakes!

Beach Blanket! We personally love this accessory because it is light-weight, water repellent and even sand can’t get snobbish around it. It has hooks, stakes or sand pockets so that you do not have to run after them in case the weather becomes a little naughty! In fact Beach blankets score top points in versatility as they can be used in tents and otherwise on a camping trip too. In case they get too soiled, wash them all you want since they dry faster than you! Beach blankets also have cheaper counterparts- Beach mats. Though beach mats are nice but they are bulkier and sand does tend to creep into the slits and spaces into them which can be hard to get rid of! However, we have got a great variety of mats that are water resistant and resist sand damn well too!!

Lesser Favorite...nevertheless we love it too!

Lesser Favorite...nevertheless we love it too!

4. Getting Rid of Sand

This probably is the most irritating part of going to beach- sand that sticks to your body like leech and does not go away no matter what you do. Many of the beaches do not even have fresh water showers and the humidity makes sand-sticking routine tiresome. So what can you do? The solution lies in baby or prickly heat powder. It basically makes your skin dry enough for the sand to just fall off. So from now on, you can simply dust off and move on!!

5. Don't Forget Waterproofing

Happy as a fish

Happy as a fish

Carry special waterproof cases and pouches that can house your electronic gadgets so that you can carry them along. There are special covers for your Kindle, pads and cameras too and it is wise to invest in them because there are times when people walk into water without realising that the new iPhone is sitting in the back pocket. By the time they realise….ooops too late!
These days there are also carry-along safes that have number locks to keep your valuables safe inside them. Though we strongly recommend leaving your jewellery, passport, documents and other precious belongings home or at the hotel safe.

6. The Highs of it!

Holy Spirits!!

Holy Spirits!!

Love your wine? Or something else (read Beer)? We have this awesome foldable wine bottle in our store that is a great addition for your every outdoor adventure. Well this wine bottle in which you can keep just about anything liquid is like a decanter which is easy to store and takes hardly any space. No chance of breaking too!

7. Love your Pedicures?

Then you must love your feet too! And if you do then invest in pair of aqua socks that are so comfortable that you would have to remind yourself that you are wearing them! They are very flexible, have extra light-weight and dry off real quick.

8. Do Re Mi Fa So......

If you love your music and like to carry it everywhere, then this Bluetooth enabled wireless speaker is something you cannot do without! It also plays radio and connects to podcasts. You can enjoy a day on sand and water without worrying about your speaker going crazy on a short circuit, thanks to all the water and wet hands that are going to operate it.

9. Beach Accessories You Had No Idea About!

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Now time for some beach accessories you never heard of:

Beach chairs are passe’ (though we still love them) so let us explore other stuff here. Carrying loads of stuff to beach as if you are going to spend “rest of your life there” happens with me many times. Mostly because either beach day happens with a big group or we have too many tiny tots running around. Children=luggage and so my first pick is the foldable beach trolley because it has load of space to carry all our things and comes fitted with wide wheel which does not get stuck in sand.

Beach Trolley!

Beach Trolley!

Next is inflatable sofa couch which is perfect for lazing on the beach. In fact one of these does away with the requirement of a beach blanket. The one we have picked is big and sturdy enough for 2-3 people to sit on but weighs only a couple of kilograms! Oh wait, the coolest feature is that you just have to open it against wind or breeze and it is enough to inflate it!! WOW!!! Did we mention it floats in the pool....yeah it does that too!

Move over the good old beach umbrella, the one we have picked comes with stakes to secure it nicely to the ground and gives a great protection against sun, wind and rain! Its called the Sport-Brella Umbrella.It also comes with a metallic coating which has SPF 125 sun protection. There are also pockets to keep your things and valuables. Again you can use it just about anywhere outdoor! Beach is just a start …..

Shall protect from Sun, Rain and Wind...Amen!!

Shall protect from Sun, Rain and Wind...Amen!!

I find beach tables more useful than the chairs. In my defense I hate my drinks spilling on sand and worst…on clothes and towels! This happens pretty often when our little monster is around. So a beach table always makes sense. It is light, foldable and helps in organizing things when we are on beach for an entire day!

Available in bigger size too!

Available in bigger size too!

10. Entertainment is a MUST!

And you are thinking, that is exactly why we are going to beach. Trust me an entire day on beach can get a little frustrating for kids and sometimes for you too!! If you want the day to go smooth, carry books, toys and other activities that can keep your children occupied. Sand castles and sand sets cannot keep them entertained for long. Also take two change of clothes- one in case they want to sleep after a while and the other when you are finally leaving for the day.

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So this was Team Bohotravellers tips and hacks to get you going on your next beach vacation. Do check out our awesome Travel Store for all your travel needs. If there is something you have on mind, just leave it in comments. And if you really liked the post and want to show some love do it immediately-in the comments and by sharing it of course!

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