14 Awesome Beach Essentials You Most Definitely Need!

Winters are setting in most parts of the world and the beach lovers are already migrating to tropical islands to get some sun and sand fun! Yep, there are some of us who can’t do without dipping our heels into lovely blue waters and get some tan lazing on the white sand…..sounds fun! If you are in this category then this piece is going to give you a peek into great beach essentials that the beach-addict must own! And knowing us, there is one item that just amused us so we included it in the list anyways!

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So here is our list of essential beach items:

Beach is a Ramp

Absolutely it is! I probably think more about bikini and cover-up than the dress I need to wear for next party. Come on honey, beach is a place to flaunt fashion. Right from neon color bikinis, sexy-cut tank-inis to those hot cover up dresses….beach is a place that does get hot with hot fashion. We absolutely recommend this beach cover up dress that is knitted into crochet. Or you could try out the one in lace! The colors are beautiful and fabric is perfect for a breezy day by the sea.


Be Spill-proof

Beach cup holder.jpg

I made the mistake of not picking them earlier but number of spills on my beach blanket and clothes opened my eyes. Now I am a proud owner of four of these beach cup holders. They hold everything from my lattes to beer. If you are a walking accident zone, this is what you have to have!

Beach blanket

Beach blanket for me was quite dispensable until I decided to buy one. And man! It is sooooo awesome! The sand does not follow me home anymore and I don’t have to struggle with cleaning it. When our moronic friends climb on it with wet feet…..i don’t care, this thing repels water and dries up real fast. So now we are more than happy to hang out with our stupid friends because the beach karma does not make my after-beach hours difficult!

Portable beach mat

After the above, it was time to try out this pretty and super efficient beach mat. It looks cool and folds real neat so I can carry it around easily like a bag. This stylish thingy has a backrest and even a zipper to keep my personal effects safe. Super light weight and made of polyester, it remains dry even if I don’t!

Keep the kids Happy

Kids love water and sand but the issue is this love does not continue for long. And soon enough they get bored. Now if you do not want to be hassled in-between that trance under the sun then get this cute and bright sand set. With so many pieces in one set, the kiddo is going to be busy for quite some time and you can get back to your slumber!

When sun becomes a lil too much

This one is a must for those who need some time-out from sun on a regular basis. This portable beach shelter is lightweight, easy to erect and provides great shade without obstructing the sea breeze. It is even great for putting the lil one to nap under the cozy shelter.

Table stories

How many time someone blew the sand right into your drink or food? Like hundred times! Not anymore…… a beach table keeps your things safe and steady. It folds and there is no installation required. Just unfold and you are good to go!


For those who did not like the shelter or really like it…..here is another option! 8 foot blue beach umbrella which is not your usual thing. The fabric protects you from UV rays and comes with ground stakes so that it keeps firmly on the sand while you tuck yourself under it. The water repellent material keeps it high and dry!

This one is for Quirks!

Who needs them? I do! They are really cool and go with the happy atmosphere of the beach. Even that sad and whiny one! When you throw the splat balls at a hard surface, they will stick for a while, and then slowly tumble to the ground. You can inflate them right at the beach and it is not only kids who will absolutely fall in love with them! 

Carry it all down

Carrying loads down the beachy sand is actually quite cumbersome. And if you plan to spend one entire day on one, you would surely be carrying quite a few things on you. Now make all that load and limp routine a thing of the past by buying this beach cart! There is space for everything in it and it rolls like a dream on sand.

Because slips sting!

Keep yourself safe from those nasty falls on mossy rocks and corals. Aqua socks come in this breathable cushion material which is anti-slip. It keeps your feet loved and safe from the hazards of the beach!

Water Water everywhere

Water on phone and books is not an ideal scenario and in fact the kind we all dread. So keep all this safe in these super stylish water proof pouches that come with compartments and look so chic! Please buy them because sight of those poly bags make us nauseous!

Sun protection cream

How could we forget these when going to the beach. Just because you went to beach, you don’t have to look like a burnt monster who has to go to a dermatologist to set things right. Keep your skin protected while you get load of sun tan. Pick one for your skin type and requirement and look fab!


While you show love for your skin, do not forget your eyes! Give them some comfort in style with these amazing shades. A good pair can definitely make you go from drab to fab!

So these were our beach essentials for all you beautiful people who love beach and sea as much as we do. These products add convenience and comfort to every day spent lazing on sand. Pick them up and do not forget to tell us about your experience. Do drop by in our Travel Store for all the above items and more. If you have a beach essential that you absolutely swear by then let us know about it by writing in comments

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