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There is this absolutely crazy and fun list of words that have been added into the dictionary and some are simply popular because we all use them. Bohotraveller picked words that are associated with what we love most- travel of course! It was fun to put them here, hope you guys have fun getting acquainted with them!

Of course we start with our favourite:

Bohotraveller : Bohemian + traveller


That’s us and…. YOU! and yes it has two  "Ls" (Note it!). Bohotraveller romances journey, have a heart that is always aching to make that trip and has a passion to explore the unknown. Well he/she is hopelessly in love with travelling. Bohotraveller is carefree, not careless and a wanderer par excellence!

Lazacation: Laze + Vacation


From time to time, we all dream about having these vacations where we pin our bum to a couch and never get up. If we do get up, it is again to pin ourselves either on another couch or crash in the bed. We eat, move at “snail-moves-faster-than-me” pace and are basically relaxed. Welcome to vacation that is all about lazing!

So basically, a vacation whose only aim is to relax and essentially do NOTHING AT ALL!!

Babymoon: Baby + Honeymoon

Move over honeymoon guys….it is time to pamper the lady love before the baby arrives and you two have no time to spend together (Fighting over whose turn it is to change diaper is not counted as spending time BTW). More and more couples are taking off on their babymoon in the last trimester of the pregnancy for some good time. We love the trend…..only advice is to check with the doc first. If you already have kids, then do check out our tips on traveling with kids. 

In short, a holiday when preggy couple hops on to a holiday before the crying, wailing, feeding and changing diapers become main focus of the holiday!

Workeisure trip : Work + leisure trip

Extending your business trip to weekend or staying back after the business and meeting is over to have a mini holiday with your family is what workeisure trip is. This has been a trend for a long time, only now it has been given a name! They are great idea for those who are super busy and besides no one minds company paid plane tickets for at least one person in the family.

Let us sum it up: To counter the negativity of ugly bosses and obnoxious colleagues on a business trip, you get your family along or extend the business trip to have a small holiday with them.

Agritourism : Agriculture + Tourism

Eco-tourism is passé, world is becoming more specific now and it is time to spend a holiday staying on an agricultural field. Essentially a sibling of eco-tourism, this one gets quite up-close and personal with the real feel of life on farm. Try your hand on tilling and learn to grow your own food- skill for life we say! Besides you never know when they again start firing people from jobs….

Simply put Agritourism is when you are damn sick of your comfortable life and decide to spend your holiday on an Agricultural farm and learn tricks of the trade.

Baggravation: Bag + Aggravation


Ever had a time when by the time your bag arrived at the Airport belt, other passengers had been long gone and already finished half their sleep! Yeah it happens with some people more than others. Now when this happens, use this word and people will understand. Those who do not understand, refer them to us!

In one line, Baggravation happens when there is a supreme delay in arrival of your baggage on the Airport belt which basically makes your temper “aggravate”.

Daycation: Day + Vacation

It is a small vacation that lasts only for a day. Wait…what?!! Yeah triple checked, that’s what it means. Well what can we say- hard times dude!

Lousily put, when lousy bosses would not let you get away from your lousy jobs and you are left with only one day to take a holiday…errr…..vacation.

Gastropub: Gastronomy + pub

These are pubs that serve great multi-cuisine food. So now you eat something more than finger food and fried stuff as you go scuba-diving into your drinks!

So now do not limit yourself to drinking and going googly-eyed….eat loads of great food as well and go double googley-eyed!

Haycation: Hay + Vacation

Spending your vacation on farm land with animal poop is what we mean by this word. Okay…okay… beyond the poop there is beautiful view and complete serenity. By the way, there might not be so much poop after all….. try it!

As Bohotraveller would put it- Holidaying in farm land because…….we hate the usual!

Nanobreak: Nano + Break

This one makes Daycation look like you holidayed for a year! Nanobreak lasts only for a night. So pack or do not pack, wear whatever you want (even pajamas will do) and do something other than sleeping and killing your boss!

In Nano words, when you want a break just before your appraisal, but settle for a holiday that lasts a night!

Staycation: Stay home + Vacation

A vacation that begins at home, stays at home and ends at home. Almost homesick now….!

There are times when you just want to take a few days off and just sit at home (at least until you realise you are doing laundry, groceries and kitchen all day and night long)! Almost like lazacation but at your own home. Bohotraveller recommends switching off the phone during this recreational activity!

Hope you enjoyed our wacky list of travel words. If you have come across more such words do let us know and we will be more than happy to include them. Do subscribe for more of such funny yet informative posts straight in your inbox. 

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