25 Best Travel Apps

We always maintain that working smart will get you more brownies than working hard and the same holds true for travelling as well. We bring 25 apps that can help you with lot of things- planning your holiday, bookings, keeping tab on itinerary and the list goes on. At Bohotraveller we have a thing for all things quirky, so there is at least one App that is in there for its fun quotient! Ha…find it as you read on!

1. WorldMate

WorldMate is easily the best app for those who are deep in love with traveling and for those who hate travelling but have to! This is like one-in-all app helping you with everything from travel bookings, itinerary Management, weather forecast to currency converter. It lets you share your travel plan with your buddies on a common platform and sends notices when you happen to cross path with them! Real cool…who would not love to have a cup of coffee in a Parisian cafe with that friend from Japan? They also have a version- WorldMate gold for the business travelers. And they round it up with an excellent Customer Care too!


WorldMate gold: $9.99

Basic Version: Free


2. LoungeBuddy

Ever looked at those luxurious Airport lounges with an intense desire to sit, sip and just chill? With loungeBuddy, no more killing your lounge desires as this app gets you the access to multiple lounges on various airports along with their tariff and amenities. Now the long hauls between the flights are sure to become all about a comfortable halt at an Airport lounge. All you have to do is fill your profile with status like Elite, Credit Cards or membership. Share your itinerary with the app and it will get you your seat in the lounges available.

Price: Free


3. PackPoint

This app ensures that you never miss a thing while packing for a holiday, business, camping in  the wilderness or just about any trip under the sun. Just feed in the details of location, type of  trip, gender and any specific activities worth the mention and lo! The entire packing list would be displayed so that you are not left shivering on the Alps…because gloves are still in the drawer at  home! They also have a premium version that packs more punch, so take your pick!

 Price: Free


4. WeatherPro


This interactive app is just what you need if weather plays an important role in your upcoming travel plans. Whether it is witnessing snowfall for the first time in your life, getting drenched in the tropical rains or enjoying a game of golf under a gloriously sunny day………get WeatherPro so that when you expect rainforests, you don’t get Sahara desert!

Price:  $ 1.5


5. Dohop          

A very sleek, simple and neat app that helps you with cheapest available flights. Whats amazing is that you can define your budgetand results are ordered by price. Dohop is to-the-point no hassles app we like! So it is hardly surprising that we are associated with them! To check out and book flight tickets on dohop click here

Price: Free


6. Airbnb

Staying with locals and diving into the local culture is more of your thing? Airbnb is just the app for you. Keeps your budget in control and gets you some awesome stay experiences that you can share with us! BTW it is for those too who like to host and have people over at home. Have an extra space….enrol as a host and make friends from all over the world!

Price: Free


7. Uber

Need a ride? Uber is here! Just download the app and register with Paypal. The tariff for ride gets deducted automatically. No hassles around bargaining when you feel cheated by exorbitant amount that the cabbie may ask for in some countries! And of course a cab ride without having to run through your wallet…we like it especially after a night of club hopping and downing infinite number of shots! Man wallet? What wallet?

Price: Free


8. Maplets

With two million maps available for download, Maplets is one extensive area covering app. The beauty of this app lies in the details it gives out. The best feature however is that it works offline too! So unlike other apps that leave you in lurch at the fork diversions because “oh! the network is not there”, Maplet is sure to help you out no matter what!

Price: $2.99


9. Foodspotting

Just because a restaurant serves world-class sea food, it does not mean it master the art of creating old pizzas too. Well that is where this literally “mouth-watering” visual food guide comes into picture. Here, you can rate and find ratings for specific dishes unlike other apps that just rate the restaurant. Now hop into a eating place that precisely serves the best of what you are craving for!

Price:  Free


10. TripAdvisor

Tripadvisor has a reputation of giving the most genuine reviews from genuine travellers. And they do not limit themselves to hotels….their ratings and reviews cover everything from eateries to attractions. This app works offline too, so that is definitely one big brownie point! And did we forget the booking part? Yeah so even that is included under this app….right from restaurants to flights!

Price: Free


11. TimeOut

This app is an absolute must for those who hate the home couch and love a nice outing. Timeout app gives you a lowdown on the important events happening in your city as well as every city in the world. You can find and book a place to eat and plan it all according to your tastes and preferences. If you want to access all of that later…..no probs Timeout saves your favourite searches as well!

Price: Free


12. Google Translate

Wanted to reach a museum but instead ended up at Railway station? This will not happen if you have Google Translate app that translates 90 languages and supports translation through camera pic for 26 languages. Imagine not doing that monkey dance in order to explain your stand to locals who do not understand your language at all. It also saves you the hilarious “confused crow” look that is so common on foreign tourists’ faces ones they turn up where they were not supposed to!

Price: Free

13. Google Maps

Google Maps is the simplest yet quite comprehensive guide to getting at your destination faster, safer and without missing those right and left turns. With over 220 countries, 15000 towns and cities this GPS navigation system is sure to cater to your direction needs. There is a voice guide too and even traffic conditions embedded in this app. And yeah in case you still missed that right turn, it re-routes immediately!

Price: Free


14. Expensify

The makers of this app say “expense reports that don’t suck”, and man do we agree! No hassles of collecting and keeping the receipts like they meant your life. This app comes complete with a smart scanner which records the expenses along with associated details. By the end of the trip you will have a complete account of where you went, what you spent and time taken- all in a neat report that too without typing a single letter. So yeah definitely does not suck!

Price: Free


15.  GasBuddy

This one is for the lovers of road across USA and Canada. Though the coverage of app in terms of geography is limited but it is soooo awesome and highly recommended that we had to include it here. Now it gives a super simple info in a simple format but the kind that can save you almost 15-20% on gas. Basically this app gives you the freedom to get gas filled at the cheapest rates. So you just see the gas rates on your route and decide where to get your tank topped up. You can also make other subscribers your buddy much like any other social platform. So everyone keeps updating prices at a gas station they get fuel at which can then be accessed by others. Pretty cool!

Price: Free


16. TravelSafe

Bohotraveller is a safe traveler and this is why this app must be on your phone of you like to explore the nooks and corners of our beautiful planet. This app brings emergency services of the country you are travelling to at your fingertips. These services range from like medical, fire to police. You can even add your friends and families to keep them updated on your plans and incidents that threaten your safety. Oh….and they do not have those irritating pop up ads so that you can use this app effectively.

Price: $1


17. FlightTrack

Flight track is not only helpful if you are getting onto a plane but also if a friend or a relative is expected to arrive by some. You just need to feed your flight details and the app color-codes it so that you can track multiple flights. Imagine not waiting and running around like a head-less chicken waiting for your loved ones. And if your flight is really late…don’t bother checking out of that hotel room!

Price: $ 4.50


18. ICE : In Case of Emergency

ICE is a very useful app that can be your life saver in case of emergency. It stores important information for first responders and hospital staff to use in case of an emergency involving you. It stores your vital information like past medical records, allergies etc. for doctors to best take care of if you need any medical help while you are travelling. It also stores doctors name and numbers, insurance information and any special instructions or other information you wish to provide. 

The really cool thing about this app is that can be used even when the phone is pattern/pin /password locked!

Price: standard version free

Price: $1.99


19. Onavo Extend

Are you the ‘browser’ breed of species? Then Onavo Extend is something you need whether or not you are travelling. This particular app brings down your data charges by compressing it. How? We don’t know, all we know is it works!! It also gives you a nice report on your savings. Extra dollars in my pocket…..I don’t particularly hate em’!

Price: Free


20. SwearPort

This is like one supa cool app we are in love with. Not that team Boho is particularly fond of swearing but this ‘swear system’ appeal to us big time. We are still wondering why! BTW when we started, we did mention that there is one app in the list which is there just for its fun quotient; well this is it! This app gives you cuss words of every country in every language. So from now on you will know who is calling you “shit face” with a smile or hey….you could call somebody “shit face” in an exotic foreign language except we are not taking responsibility of what happens afterwards!

Price: $1.19


21. Bonjournal

Actually this app makes sense for all Bohotravellers. We love to record our travel experiences and share them with world. Now this app creates an impressive journal of your trip. Take pics and share them with others on Social networking platforms easily. This one also lets you convert the entire record in PDF format which is something we dig big time! Don’t want to share everything? They have a privacy lock and settings too!!

 Price: Free


22. Hotelscombined


Hotelscombined is the best hotel aggregator site on the planet! This app cuts through availability and prices from all the top travel websites from around the world, including Booking.com, Expedia, Hotels.com, Agoda, Venere, LateRooms , Holiday Inn and many more to bring you the best hotel deals.What’s more..while making a booking this app also tells you how many people have booked your chosen hotel in the past one week and from which country has there been the latest booking. Pretty cool hah?! This app is so good that Bohotraveller partners wit them to bring you the best hotel deals from around the globe. Check out our hotel search engine powered by hotelscombined here and book hotels room at the best deals

Price: Free


23. GateGuru

GateGuru keeps a complete account of your current and future Air travel in something called Journey Card. Real time updates on flight status, security check-in, layover and gate changes are notified as and when they happen. You may also access info related to amenities available at the airport and plan your layover accordingly. It comes completed with weather forecasts, tips, maps and even a fun travel stat report of the journey you have been making!

Price: Free


24. Car Trawler

Think ground transportation, think Car Trawler. This awesome app connects you to the world wide network of taxis, trains, Coach Transfers and boast of a great choice on car rentals too! What can we say more…they are sooo good that we are partnering with them!


25.   Hopper

Hopper has been awarded the best mobile travel app by apple in 2015 so we did our own investigation and found it be super cool! In case you are yawning, Hopper is more than booking your flight tickets. It tells you the best time to buy to ensure lowest fares and it also suggests whether you should buy now or wait .  They have color coded calendar which tells you the cheapest dates to book and in case you opted for Binoculars- it will keep an eye on the fare and ping you when the prices drop. In short, it is the best personal travel agent ever!

Hope you enjoyed knowing about these cool travel apps. Do like this post and it and share it with your friends. If you know of any more of such awesome apps, do let us know by ether commenting on this post or getting in touch with us here. For more of such fun and informative posts straight in your inbox, subscribe to our news letters here.

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