5 Features to Watch for When Choosing Your Next Conference Location


Conference planning is not an easy task but if you take care of certain points, it can surely be a smooth sailing. There are a number of key components and aspects of conference planning that all have to align perfectly if you are going to enjoy a truly successful conference event. Here are some key points and features to consider when choosing your next conference location.

Think carefully about the date

One of the first things that you need to get right is the date you intend to hold the conference on. It might be that you decide to choose a time and venue where it coincides with other events that are going on in the area at the same time or it might be that you want to ensure that your conference is in the spotlight and doesn’t clash with something else or when there is holiday date close by.

Picking the wrong date for your conference can have a big impact on attendance rates, and if you are choosing a popular time in the calendar you may have to make your reservation months in advance to get the space you want.

Find the Right Venue


It can be a challenge to find the perfect venue but some of the things to look out for are location and convenience in regards with the transportation links for delegates traveling there.

Depending on the size of your conference event, some hotels like the Renaissance Providence Downtown Hotel can often either offer meeting facilities that you can use or provide the accommodation options you want for the number of delegates attending. It is always advisable to have the conference and accommodation for attending delegates at the same hotel premises.

Create a technical checklist

You can’t fail to notice the obvious professionalism of some events that you attend and if you want to emulate that impression with your own conference it means ensuring you have a team with technical know-how to support you.

There are are a lot of IT and audio requirements that need good technical knowledge to get right so that the projection screens and cordless microphones work perfectly and the Wi-Fi and lighting all do their job too.

Create a list of technical requirements and make sure you have people supporting you that can provide what you want. It is pertinent to mention here that your chosen venue must be able to support your technical requirements as well.

Get the catering right


Catering is another integral aspect of a successful event.

If you can find a conference venue where they are also able to provide the catering facilities you require, this can be a good move as they understand the logistics of how to get the food out professionally and on time because they are familiar with the kitchen and the layout of the place.

You will also need to ensure that you consider the dietary requirements of guests and plan for any requests based around allergies and specific preferences. Same can be mentioned in the invites so that all those who are attending can communicate their preferences well in advance.

Leisure facilities


Choosing a venue that can provide leisure facilities for guests is a definite attraction. If you can offer a chance to swim, use of gym, tours or a variety of other facilities other than the main event then this is a big plus. Similarly staging the conference in an area where there are numerous local attractions and entertainment options is a great idea.

Conferences are a great way to bring people with same interests under one roof. They also provide a good break from the usual go-to-office routine. If you can manage to tick the boxes on most or all of the features discussed above it can increase your chances of hosting what is perceived to be a successful and entertaining conference. 

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