6 Countries, 2 Cars And A Mindblowing Fallescape!

Crystal cear emerald waters of Plitvice lakes gorgeously surrounded by the autumn colours  (5).jpeg

We are back with a photo feature after a long time and there could not have been a better pic blog to make this comeback! Between sultry summers, romantic monsoons and snow-crested winters, we all forget the vibrant hues of Autumn. Autumn for me is the time when the weather is just about right and photographs are nothing short of spectacular....the fiery reds, pulsating oranges and bright yellows sure know how to create a captivating canvas! This photo feature chronicles self-driven cross border road trip of Kunjal Karania of Unpluggedmoments, across 6 countries over 20 days with her 5 crazy cousins (as she claims) and husband. She planned the trip by herself with active support from the group, after a research that went on for months. Kunjal loves off-season periods and off-beat places, and so she chose to explore the beauty of autumn. In total, the group covered 24 destinations through their 4000 km (2500 miles) long drive across the coasts, snow-clad mountains, national parks, cities, exploring caves, beaches, small towns, historic towns and loads more. They chose to drive two Skoda Octavias for their road trip and yes, named their journey- #FALLESCAPE!!!

Countries explored: Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Slovakia, Czech Republic and Croatia. 

Now it's over to Kunjal...................

1. The Journey Begins!

Bratislava, First destination

Bratislava is where we began the trip after picking up our partners in crime- the Two Skoda Octavia. The day could not have been brighter and weather friendlier than this!!

2. Of Elves and Fairies................


This quaint little town of Hallstatt in Austria is the cutest i have ever seen! As if the floating clouds in the foreground of mighty snow clad peaks were not enough, the picture perfect cottages with vivid shades, church and lake simply stole our hearts!

3. Lovely Lunch breaks..............

Beautiful lunch breaks of roadtrips at a rather forgotten town, Senj, Croatia (1)-01.jpeg

Now you know, why we loved stopping by for breaks! If the breaks look like this, you would surely be taking more of them!

4. Old and.......Not Forgotten yet!

A rather not-so-famous yet so beautiful Burgruine Aggstein Castle, Austria.jpeg

There was a mysterious stillness about Burguirine Aggstein Castle which still stands gloriously on the banks of Danube River. The splash of color in the Autumn bathed forest below created enchanting contrasts that were impossible to miss!

5.  The Bollywood Setting!

An unexpected snowfall at the Austria's highest peak Grossglockner.jpeg

We just could not resist giving this pose and getting this picture clicked when an unexpected snowfall washed Austria's highest peak Grossglockner magical white! 

6. The Serene Riot!

Crystal cear emerald waters of Plitvice lakes gorgeously surrounded by the autumn colours  (6).jpeg

It was a riot....riot of colors that had gone completely wild! The crystal clear green hued water of Plitvice lakes flirting with the autumn colors of the forest felt like God went crazy with a brush held between his fingers and palette under the brush!

7. The Citylights

Budapest city lit in the night- View from Citadel (1).jpg

The Hungarian Capital City of Budapest greeted us with its happy lights and after exploring small towns, villages in the nooks and corners, well the city was a welcome change of scenery!

8. Holy Lord!!

Durchstein Church, Vienna.jpeg

Looking up to the tall tower of Durchstein church and stretching our legs on the verdant carpet in its veranda, overlooking the pretty water body lined by hills was a spectacle waiting to be captured by my camera, i for once relented!

9. Guess where we Stayed!?

Our gorgeous cute farm-house bnb at Plitvice, Croatia.jpg

I know your eyes just popped out and you are super jealous of me right now! Well, what can I say we were lucky to get B&B at this cute property at Plitvice while we were doing a stretch of Croatia. Trust me, hotels are passe' for me now...

10. Not Photo-shopped!

On the way to Grossknocler.jpeg

This was on our way to Grossglockner, an endless road winding into wilderness with this breath taking scenery right in front of us. One thing is clear, never has there been an artiste greater than nature!

11. Best for the Last!

This was no doubt, the gorgeous part of our trip, the Grossglockner in all its splendor with shades of white, peppered up with some greens and greys. I think I left a little piece of my heart there!

Get yourself this trip!

Kunjal shared an interesting piece of information with us- this 20 days trip cost approximately INR 150K (USD 2300) per person, all-inclusive, that is including flight tickets (from India) and car rentals. If you are like us then I am sure you are already planning this trip. But you won't have to work very hard while working out the logistics and mind-boggling big and small details! Kunjal has done it all. You can get in touch with her on unpluggedmoment@gmail.com.

Share your love with us in comments sections below. If you have had an interesting trip recently, we would love to feature your experience. Get in touch with us either by email at contact@bohotraveller.com or simply click on "Feature us" in the main menu!

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