9 Drool-Worthy Camping Furniture You Must Have!

The winter ice is giving way to spring greens and nature is in full bloom. The weather has a slight nip in the air and even though the sun is getting warmer, the breeze has a cool "air" to it. What better time to camp than now!! Yep as we unpacked the tents and dusted off the gear, we realized that we are definitely in need of some camping furniture. Not the kind to procrastinate, we did an extensive search and look what we found!!! If you are an avid outdoorsy we bet you will have difficulty keeping yourself away from some of these!

Fifty shades darker!

Canopy chair.jpg

Do not let the harsh sun burn you to cinders this summer. Get these real lookers (talking about the chairs) today because they are super light, fold in seriously small and they are also idle for when you want to gulp that chilled beer by the side of a scenic highway! Oh and do not be misled by their light weight because they can support up to 250 lbs and have a UV protection of 50+. Super comfortable with oversized seat and a canopy that can be lowered down when you desire some sun and tan!

For the Precious Shut-eye!

This bed can add ooze of comfort to your sleep and stay, when outdoors. After a hectic day of trekking and exploring the wilderness, all you need is some good sleep that does not give you sore back or neck the next day. It folds easily and fits into car trunk quite snugly. We like it even for use at home when good friends turn up and decide to stay the night....no more couch treatment!

Let there be Cooking!

Who said cooking has to be cumbersome and unhygienic during camping days. Well, carry this absolutely wonderful cooking station which has space for everything! It folds flat, has a sturdy powder coated steel frame and aluminum counter top. Say bye to spilled coffees and drinks....it is time to camp in style!

Recliner....because it is Comfy!

Look at that...looks like heaven (again talking about the reclining chair)! This Sportbrella recliner is as awesome as it looks and keeps you safe from the harsh sun rays. The canopy has a three-way swivel and metallic undercoating which gives you UV protection of 50+. The chair comes packed with built-in insulated pocket, cup holder and storage to fit in your beverages and other stuff. It is lightweight, easy to store and super strong!

Hang in a Hammock!


I could do this all day! I am officially a hammock collector, some 10 already and counting! Crashing in my hammock with a book and dozing off right in there is my favorite part of being outdoor. This one in orange and silver is definitely good looking and comes with nylon ropes and adjustable tree straps. With ultra light aluminum carabiners, this one is a perfect companion for the camping trips!

Light it up

Keep your nights warm and bright with this fire pit. It is safe and runs on propane. With this beauty in your kit, there is no chance of starting a wildfire unless you are being a super stupid (in which case no one can save you!). It gives you clean and smokeless flame. This fire pit is light, easy to carry and safe for use in most of the campfire bans. It features stainless steel burners and chrome knobs.....no wonder it looks this good!

Keep Private matters Private

This pop up toilet tent affords you privacy when you need it the most! Of course, you don't want hordes of strangers to get a peek into your "daily routine", so when the time comes, simply erect this super easy-to-install toilet tent and go about your business without a worry in the world! They come in different shapes, sizes, heights and prints.....so choose what you like!

Stow that Stove

This super classy case comes from the house of Coleman and we love it! This stove carry case has two pockets to store extra propane and rugged PVC Coated construction to keep your stove safe. The zipper is absolutely sturdy and durable. A perfect mate for your Coleman stove, get it today!

The Beauty Bath

Now this one is pure luxury! This easy to assemble shower gives you water warmed by sun energy. Yep! it is solar energy for your camping bath! It needs water supply so you can carry it only to proper campsites that have facilities like these available. Connectable to your standard garden hose, the shower also has temperature settings. The best part about it is that you can even fix it up in your garden or pool when not camping!

These were our 9 drool worthy camping furniture and accessories! Tell us about your camping essentials or that one thing you can never camp without. Know of a nice little unknown spot where camping is bliss...we are dying to hear about it!

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