A Latin American City Where Spring Never Ends!


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Medellin, located in the midst of narrow valleys is packed with excitement double the size of its landscape. It is a city where high rise buildings, apartments and the beauty of nature come together quite efforlessly. The place is popular for its skyline that seems to be reaching the realms of the heaven and the jaw dropping exhilaration of its jagged peaks surrounding it. But that does not mar the vista of verdant mountainous ranges that surround the city. The pleasant climate that this city enjoys throughout the year has earned it the nickname of the City of Eternal Spring. It is the city of bustling industry and retail, specifically the manufacture of textile and export of cut flowers. Though the city lives a busy life throughout the week, the discos welcome their spring every weekend. People here know how to work hard and party harder! Come along with us as we explore Medellin and some breathtaking towns around!

Plaza Botero…….heart of the City


Art is in the soul of every Colombian, one may witness artistic touch even in the features of the natives of the country. Fernando Botero, a renowned Colombian artist is behind the artwork sprawling all across the Colombian land.  The moment one sets foot into Medellin, he or she is sure to feel overwhelmed with the artwork surrounding the Botero Plaza, which was open to public visits in the year 2002. It is the place that contributes largely to the cultural space of the city with its enchanting buildings and unique sculptures.

Tango patio…….seduction on the dance floor

If you thought you would have to travel all the way to Argentina to enjoy the seduction of Tango then you would be surprised to know that Medellin is the ultimate place to feel the “jazz” of tango. The city is popular for being the second Tango city and certainly lives up to the seductive dance form with Tango Patio, a restaurant that showcases this dance form. The décor of the restaurant has the aura of Buenos Aires. The artwork on the walls of the restaurant depicts people like Carlos Gardel and Buenos Aires, well known tango singer and dancer respectively. The restaurant hosts live performances by various musical artists from Thursday to Saturday night. So if you are looking at Things to do in Medellin in the night then look no further! Tango patio also serves varieties of delicacies such as flan and tiramisu. A visit to Medellin without Tango patio is incomplete.

 Santa Fe de Antioquia…… living the past


Santa Fe de Antioquia, situated in the north of Medellin, is the untouched remains of the living past.  It is popular for its gold mines and unchanged surroundings since centuries. People of the town farm their own corn, coffee and beans. The sleepy town only comes to life with tourist visits and frequent festivals. The architectural value and natural preserves of the town make Santa Fe a place frozen in the past. Places like the Archiepiscopal Palace, the Metropolitan Cathedral, and small museums draw the attention of visitors to this Colombian town. One can enjoy visits to the Bridge of the West, vineyards, waterfalls and Plaza Mayor Juan de Corral situated in the town.

Eje Cafetero…..World’s Best Coffee!

Also referred to as the Coffee Triangle, Eje Cafetero is a town famous for producing world’s best coffee. Eje Cafetero consists of the departments of Quindio, Caldas, and Risaralda, all of which are known for their friendly natives and hacienda architecture. The steeply sloped valleys are a treat for eyes; one can feel the cultural distinction in every corner of the town. The landscape of the town makes it ideal for outdoor adventure sports.

Restaurante Le Rueca……..Colombia’s Argentina

The restaurant is known for its Argentinean vibe and food. Located in the nicest neighborhoods of Medellin, it draws visitors who want to indulge in some tango shows, from all across the country and outside. It hosts live tango shows by various well-known professionals excelling in dance, music and singing. One may enjoy Argentinean barbecue and delicacies like churrasco, chinchulines etc. Le Rueca serves one of the best grilled-seafood, chicken and fine wine!

 Medellin Botanical garden…….A Beauty worth a Visit

source: eVolvo.us

source: eVolvo.us

Situated in the center of Medellin, the Botanical Garden of Medellin is the city’s pride and the living museum with variety of plants and species of birds, reptiles, insects, and fish, from all over the country. The garden was primarily a private farm used for recreational purpose but it was converted into a botanical garden later in the year 1972. The garden works with various associations like WWF and UNESCO in the field of conservation and management of plants for a sustainable future. It covers about 40 acres of outdoor area containing approximately 5000 plants and 10000 species of animals. The park provides ample amount of space for recreational purposes too.

Puente De Occidente……a model of magnificent engineering

Puente De Occidente or widely known as the Bridge of the West spans over the River Cauca that once divided the regions of Antioquia. It is surrounded by the lush green mountains and bright aqua skies. It is about 984 feet high and provides access to other parts of the country. It is a celebration of creativity and spirit of human intelligence. Puente De Occidente was built under the supervision of Colombian engineer Jose Maria Villa who took part in the construction of Brooklyn Bridge and later supervised the construction of Puente De Occidente. The bridge was considered as one of the important civil engineering project across America at the time it was being built.

Pueblito Paisa……Story from before the Floods

colonial buildings

It is one of those adorable Spanish little towns that bewitch every visitor with its beauty. It is a natural landmark that has been named after the renowned Chef Nuibara. The place houses a central plaza which is surrounded by colonial remains rescued from floods by the Penol-Guatape, Hydroelectric Project. The town is a beautiful scene of restored buildings, flowered balconies and ceramic tiles. Pueblito Paisa was primarily meant for business purpose but is now resided by typical rural communities.

Guatapé ………the cradle of nature


Guatapé is a beautiful town located almost 50 miles away from Medellin. It is incredibly blessed with the beauty of nature with remarkable lakes and lush vegetation. People may enjoy the mysteries of nature by taking ferry rides to the recreational areas located on the surrounding islands and delve into the luxury of the Pablo Escobar’s mansion. The well-known zocalos tiles give more prominence to the buildings of historical significance located in the equally historic square. These tiles are closely related to the life and beliefs of the community living in the town. A day visit can be made to Guatapé from Medellin and those stairs you see in the picture....well quite an unmissable challenge!

Jardin……Another time, Another World


Located a few hours away from Medellin in the south, Jardin is a reminiscence of the past which has not been affected by modern development in the nearby places. The name itself suggests that the town is rich in natural preserves that captivate the visitors. The town is not the skeleton of contemporary tourist trails rather it provides one a laid back sense of peace and calm. It gives a perfect place to enjoy daily life at a relaxed pace. The main square of the town offers a variety of places where one can enjoy local cuisine in a vibrant atmosphere. We are talking colorful chairs, tables and neo-Gothic Basilica Menor de la Inmaculada Concepcion. Do not miss the trout fishing at local farms and the view of the entire town from the lookout point.

The indifferent lifestyle of Medellin is owed to the people of Antioquia roots; the Metropolitan air of the city is quite unique and distinguishes Medellin from the rest of the Colombia.

How To Reach Medellin

  • By Air: Medellin doesn't have an international airport terminal of its own. The closest international airport is at Rionegro - José María Córdova International Airport. It is well connected to the major destinations like New York, San Salvador, Panama City, Madrid, Buenos Aires, Bogota, Cali, and Santa Marta. Ther are options like shared cabs, and buses to reach the city from the international airport in Rionegro. The best way to travel is by getting on one of the buses marked with 'Aeropuerto' on the front. There is also a local domestic airport Olaya Herrera that helps in regional and domestic transports. But the airport operates only between 6 am to 6 pm.

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  • By Bus: You can also reach Medellin by bus. You have to either get down at the north terminal or the south terminal. While the north terminal is connected to the Caribe metro station, the south terminal is located closer to the domestic airport Olaya Herrera.
  • By Car: Medellin is well-connected by roads on all its sides and as a result, it can be reached from all the four directions with ease.  Click here to hire cars for Medellin

Where to Stay

Medellin has amazing options when it comes to accommodation. Here are our top picks. Whether you are on a tight budget or looking for luxurious indulgence we have it all here. Alternatively, you many simply  type Medellin in the nice little hotel search box given here for a complete list of hotels

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Medellin is far closer to Italian culture than Colombian! Medellin Colombia nightlife consists of musical platforms and discos that prefer techno over vallenato and salsa. The city lives up to the ideals and work ethics from all over the world rather than living up to the local inspirations alone.


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