A Splendid Bolivian City In The Clouds: La Paz

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Highest city in the world La Paz

Don’t blame the 11,913 feet altitude at La Paz, if you feel a little high and dizzy at the same time; blame it on the stunning scenic view that the city has to offer. Nestled in the middle of snowy peaks, the third most populous city in Bolivia is known for its spectacular scenery.The breathtaking site of Mt.Illimani will hold you captive for a long time. While visiting La Paz, you are basically on a journey that holds many small but impressive surprises. From exploring the high slopes to visiting the historical edifices, you have loads of things to do in La Paz and they are sure to blow your mind away!

The Tour of the Highest City in the World

Death Road..... feel the rush of Adrenaline

The Death Road, la Paz, Bolivia

The thrilling journey begins at approximately 15000 ft and is heaven for adrenaline junkies and mountain bikers. Yes, we are talking about Bolivia’s North Yungas Road, commonly referred to as the death road. This is one of the most popular tourist attractions in La Paz and one of the most dangerous roads in the world. Your stimulating journey begins with the snow capped mountains and cruises down from La Paz to Yungas Region covering a rugged stretch of 43 miles.  Imagine the thrill crawling up your spine when you are looking down from the edge of that road and realize you are just about hanging from a cliff! This is not your regular virtual reality; this is real, just as real as you are. One wrong step and down you go. Despite the danger, people just cannot get over the electrifying feeling that the trip down the road and its enigmatic views have to offer. Just step up the acceleration and vroom your way through the deadliest road. The twist and turns of the road will leave you baffled over this seemingly rollercoaster ride. Well although it is not for the faint of hearts, but surely is one of the most enjoyable sports you will ever indulge in. If biking is not your thing then you can always enjoy the views of the majestic landscape. The Death road for us is one of the things you MUST do in La Paz.

La Senda Verde...... the magical home for many exotic birds and animals

La Senda Verde

Want to walk a monkey? Or maybe give him a piggy back ride? Then La Senda Verde is the right place for you. It works as the refuge to a variety of birds and animals. Here, they take care of lost and mistreated birds and animals. From mammals to reptiles you can find all kind of wildlife here. The volunteers take care of these animals in the most caring and efficient way possible, but without compromising the freedom of these wonderful creatures. From blue-headed parrots to Ocelot (a dwarf leopard) you get to see all of them and this is why La Senda Verde is one of the most favorable tourist attractions for kids in la Paz. It is also a home to numerous primates. From those cute little squirrel monkeys to Bolivian night monkey, La Senda Verde is home to all. They are friendly and easily connect with each and every tourist. It’s an enchanting place doing a world of good for local wildlife. So, don’t just wait but give it try and visit this place if you are in La Paz.     

Lake Titicaca......highest navigable lake in the World!

Lake Titicaca La Paz

Lake Titicaca is a beautiful blanket of blue in La Paz, which you just can not miss. The serene view and the calm water can invite you in and steal your heart forever! Lake Titicaca is the world’s highest freshwater lake and stands at 12,500 feet elevated from the surface. The enchanting view of this lake becomes more magnificent when the fresh water sparkles like a diamond spread under the sun. It looks like all the shades of blue are patched together in a rug left to float with the gentle swell of the water. Watching Lake Titicaca from the picture perfect Isla Del Sol is an experience of a lifetime. But Isla Del Sol is not the only island, there are others like Isla De La Luna and the islands of Suriquiwaiting to be explored too. It is a perfect place to see traditionally dressed Aymara women negotiating the path along with a couple of Ilamas. The views are breathtaking not only because they are so rare and splendid but also because the air is really thin here. The traditional reed boats are also an attraction here as they are specially made for the cold 53 degrees lake water!

Plaza Murillo......an interesting stop while visiting the city

Image Credits: AdvisorTravelGuide

Image Credits: AdvisorTravelGuide

This place is a key attraction for both locals and tourists. It is an archetypal edifice which sits in the heart of the city. This place is super vibrant thumping with lots of activities that include street side vendors and electrifying music. And it is also famous for its doves. In every picture that you will see of this place, one thing apart from the main building is omnipresent and that is the flocks of doves. And it just adds to your list of activities, you can feed the doves and encourage your children to do so. You can find many locals selling and buying souvenirs. And it is always packed with people from all age groups. Well, one of the important facts is that this plaza was named after Pedro Murillo a Bolivian hero, whose statue stands in front of the plaza. And another main attraction is the cathedral and a museum across the street.

National Museum of Archeology (MuseoNacional de Arqueologia)-A Must Visit

national museum of Archaeology La Paz

This museum holds key to the history of Bolivia, especially the archaeological aspect of it. This museum was founded by Arthur Posnansky. You can see artifacts from Tiwanaku, Yaya Mama, Yampara, Inca and other cultures. Museum also exhibits necessary maps and explanations which are mostly in Spanish. The beauty, detail and just the huge number of exhibits will amaze you. It is definitely worth an experience.

Valle de la luna (valley of the moon)- fascinating trip to a surreal scenery

Valle De La Luna La Paz Bolivia

The moon valley is famous for its interesting natural rock sculptures. This valley is really peaceful and offers tranquility to visitors. The erosion of the land here has created an interesting view which is what makes this place worth a visit. Valley De Luna is extremely gorgeous and a pleasure for those who have an eye for rare and beautiful things! It is a great place for some great clicks. You can choose to hike up some stairs or walk the perimeter. The clay formations are incredible; the tall spires are left making you think you truly are visiting something out of this world like.......Moon! There are also few shops in the tunnel as you enter the site. It’s a unique area with lunar landscapes and amazing geographical formations. Usually, top of the list to do in la Paz as well as Bolivia

Tiwanaku..... Perfect spot for History buffs

Image Credits: ProjectHelpingHand

Image Credits: ProjectHelpingHand

This place is a must-see if you are in or near La Paz. It is a window to the ancient Andean religion and culture. Tiwanaku is a  great place for history lovers. It has the kind of artifacts and construction that make you curious about the people who have lived there. You get to discover another culture; it’s like a travel back in time. The location is stunning; it is set on a massive plane surrounded by mountains. All the details are carved on the stone. The sun gate, the temple of Kalasaya and the pyramid of Akapana are amongst the popular attractions in Tiwanaku. The archaeological site is quite extensive and you will get to learn a lot about Tiwanaku people and ancient Bolivian customs.

Calle Jaen Museums:....pieces of Bolivian history

Image Credits: NotesOnSlowTravel

Image Credits: NotesOnSlowTravel

The Calle Jaen Street still preserves it’s colonial essence with a vast variety of objects and arts. There are four small museums in the Calle Jean street that are clustered together namely Museo de metals, Museo Costumbrista Juan de Vargas, Museo del Litoral and casa de Murillo. Museo de metals exhibits gold, copper and silver work and pieces from Tiwanaku. Museo de Litoral, on the other hand, showcases maps that defend Bolivia’s charged claims to Chile and Antofagasta. Casa de Murillo shows collections of textiles, furniture’s, musical instruments and household items of gold and silver that once belong to the Bolivian aristocracy.

Witches market.......everything right from lotions to potions!

Image Credits: 123rf

Image Credits: 123rf

Want to take a trip down the mystifying world of dark magic? Witches market is a place for your witchcraft curiosity. It’s a very interesting market in La Paz and showcases the superstitious and religious facet of  Bolivia. You will find a lot of potions, spells and offerings including animal and human skulls, a replica of superstitious figures and smoking devices.  There are numbers of shops to choose from and items that are strange to completely repulsive for some like herbs and concoctions and even exotic and vile objects like Llama’s fetuses. In many cultures, it is considered as good luck. Nothing is over expensive, you can definitely bargain with the sellers. A very good place to click pictures, they have colorful graffiti on the walls that add to the atmosphere. One can also try the fresh fruit shakes and empanadas Bolivia is known for. This is the part of the city where ancient Aymaran beliefs are still practiced which makes it an unusual as well as supremely interesting place.

Presidential Palace..... a stunning piece from the  colonial past

Image Credits:2Bacpackers

Image Credits:2Bacpackers

The presidential palace is located in the beautiful Central Square of La Paz. It is in a very convenient location and easily accessible by public transport or by walking. It is one of the most photographed buildings in La Paz. The palace and the plaza are amazing to look at. The palace has the main cathedral. The color of the façade is outstanding especially when the sun hits the building. In the same areas, you will find a lot of stores and vendors selling anything and everything under the sun. The palace is really stunning with the combination of red exterior and white windows that look amazing, definitely worth some pictures when you are there.

 So this was absolutely stunning La Paz in Bolivia, a place that has us jumping...after all we are always aching to go someplace new and exciting. La Paz is quite off-beat and a place that is still relatively unexplored. Now that the points of Interests in La Paz Bolivia are here, let us give you some travel information. But before that, we must warn you that La Paz can give you some serious altitude sickness so acclimatization is extremely important. The airport here does have oxygen cylinders so use one of you need to. Also, it is highly advisable that you spend a few days here instead of packing a tight schedule.

How to Get to La Paz

By Air:  El Alto International Airport situated at the height of 13, 313 feet is the gateway to La Paz. But presently, only one flight of American Airlines has service to this Airport. Therefore, tourists depend on other South American Airlines to get into la Paz. There are flights from Santa Cruz, Trinidad, Cuzco, Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, Cochabamba etc. From Airport, you can take a cab into the city which I about 10 Kilometres from here.

Best Routes

Special Offers

By Bus: The La Paz Bus terminal was designed by Gustav Eiffel, you guessed it, the same guy who designed Eiffel Tower! Well apart from this important fact, you must know that this bus terminal serves many domestic as well as international destinations in and out of la Paz. But International connections leave only once in a week.

Getting Around: Buses and mini buses are your best bet in La Paz. If you want to take a cab, look for yellow stickers on the windshield which indicate that they are registered and safe. Walking is not advisable as you would be breathless most of the time!

Where to Stay

La Paz does offer some great options when it comes to accommodation. You may choose from our top picks below! Or you many simply  type La Paz in the nice little hotel search box given here for a complete list of hotels


For a detailed listing of tours and information please click on La Paz tours

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