Stunner Alert - Revealing 8 Astonishing facets of Australia

Pictures speak a million words and this is why we are in love with them. After our hugely successful Big Sur photo feature, we are back with another unbelievable feature on Australia by the very talented Angelo Fountaski. His photographs capture landscape like a dream and if heaven exists, trust us these pictures have captured it already!!

About our Photographer

Angelo Fountoulakis was born in Melbourne and now resides in Sydney, Australia. He has traveled extensively and enjoys experiencing diverse cultures and dynamic scenery from different parts of the world.  His love for nature and art has led him to take up photography and focus on landscape and seascape formats.
In his own words- “I also took up photography as a measure to overcome anxiety and mental illness.  I have lived with mental illness for 26 years and have learned how to overcome the challenges it presents.  Scapism Photography aims to create awareness for mental illness and provides an option for you to make a donation when you purchase a photo from this website.” You can check out his stunning photographs at

The Journey worth a thousand word begins.......

#1. Palm Beach

The serenity that takes you in and heals you to the core is what this soothing view at Palm beach offers.

Another alluring view of Palm beach with Mist caressing the calm waters……Palm Beach at its magnificent best!

#2. Watson’s Bay

When sunrise plasters magnificent play of colors, you can’t do much but watch HYPNOTIZED! A spellbinding moment at Watson’s Bay.

#3. Sydney Harbour

When nature becomes drama queen, this is what it looks like! A dramatic on-stage performance of Sydney harbor!

#4. Queen’s Lake

Wooden jetty to the paradise-like spectacle at Queen’s lake

#5. Stockton Sand Dunes

White sands of time under brilliant colors of the sky. It all comes alive at Stockton Sand Dunes.

#6. Bondi

The spirit of Australia…unfurled and free, at the very famous Bondi Beach!

#7. Long Jetty

When thousand colors decide to play together…… the spectacle is captivating and absolutely brilliant at the Long Jetty!

So this was an impressive collection of eight photographs that we have showcased here. To see more of this gifted photographer's photography or to buy, visit


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