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Every now and then, we like to reach out to our friends with itchy feet syndrome; Guess one itchy feet attracts the other! And as usual the result is rather inspiring..... which is followed by excitement of discovering a new land, a new place with new faces. This time we caught hold of ladies who are defying the well set "yawn" rules for women travelers and well, enjoying the wanderlust to hilt. So here is that awesome compilation where the sisterhood gave us their best destination experience........

Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

Hubbard Glacier, Alaska

Our very first destination defines the adventurous attitude of the ladies with travel bags. Shreta Arora of shares her magical experience at Hubbard Glacier Alaska.

"HUBBARD GLACIER - ALASKA! Speechless! That is exactly how I felt as I laid my eyes on this beauty in the August 2011. The hidden sun rays penetrate through the watery clouds, bouncing off it's demeanor, turning it's white coat into a blue armor. The radiance it spreads cannot be taken in with just one look. 7 miles wide and 76 miles long, Hubbard Glacier is the largest tidewater glacier in North America. It is quite isolated and accessible by cruise ships only. It is also fondly called the "galloping glacier" because of the speed with which it rushes towards the Gulf of Alaska through Disenchantment Bay. I have been here two times and it is just not enough. I am obsessed with ALASKA. THERE IS NOWHERE LIKE IT I HAVE EXPERIENCED.....YET !"

The GOT Land


Iceland inspires fantasies with its surreal landscape which is a magnificent amalgam of Ice and fire. Now obviously when they had to create the magic land of "Dance of Fire and Ice", the team Game of Thrones ended up here. Very lovely Karishma Kriplani from Globejamun tells us about how this place cast a spell on her which just refuses to die down!

"Welcome to the world of Fire , Ice, Fairies and absolute magic! Yes that's the perfect way to describe Iceland, somewhere in the middle of absolutely no where. I celebrated my 31st birthday here, and it was the best birthday I ever had. We visited Iceland in the month of October last year, I highly recommend this time of the year, as it transitions from summer to winter and you get the best of both worlds. Iceland has places and terrain you will not see anywhere else. You can go inside the crater of a volcano and swim in hot springs with freezing temperature outside, and boiling inside the water. The ice on the beaches shines like millions of diamonds when the shafts of sunlight falls on it. The landscape with grass and waterfalls looks straight out of a fairy tale. And as if this concoction was not heady enough you get to see the sky break out into hues of green and pink as the aurora breaks into dance! The cherry on the cake is meeting very nice people... who also look super hot, what a treat to the eyes. So if you are single , you sure can mingle. Once in a lifetime be sure to visit this magical and very beautiful destination! Nature will welcome you with an open heart here."

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Skye is the Limit

Island of Skye, Scotland

Another avid traveler who loves to imprint new destinations and instagram them, June Ghosh, owner of Creationsofanidlemind proclaims Isle of Skye in Scotland as her most memorable experience. You can check out her stunning snaps on Instagram (@throughjuneseyes).

"Skye is a picturesque island in the northern part of Scotland, dotted with dramatic mountains and rugged coasts. The island is like every photographer's dream, comprised of everything from deep blue waters and rusty brown mountains to an array of colorful houses in the towns. Although having captured the vistas of this scenic destination, I doubt if any photographer would truly be able to really encapsulate the true essence of the place in one frame. The best way to see Skye is to drive along the coast from the Eileen Dornan castle, over the bridge of Skye all the way back, going through the Old man of Storr, Kilt Rock, Quiraing, Neist Point and Fairy Pools. The drive, with mountains on one side and sea on the other is in itself a spectacle. So, whether you love mountains or beaches, cities or remote little towns, you'll find a little bit of you everywhere."

Season 2 of GOT


And it is really happening, just like the show the destination is a hot favorite amongst female travelers! The "Vagabond Preethi" proclaims her love for the mystical land and its gorgeous geographical formations. Ladies and Gentlemen, if this compilation does not get Iceland on your bucket list, i don't know what would!

"The beauty of Iceland is beyond words and your pictures are sure to score those likes on social media even if you are just another traveler with average photography skills (like me!). I went to Iceland in April 2017 and in my opinion, April is the best time to go! You have the advantage of extended day light and also, the experience of the Aurora Borealis. Volcanoes, glaciers, waterfalls, black sand beaches, mountains, basalt rock formations, you name it and you have it there! My most favorite place in Iceland is Jökulsárlón, which is a glacial lagoon. You can do as much reading about this lagoon as you like, but when you park your car and walk to this place, it will simply take your breath away and leave you stunned. The crystal blue icebergs floating to black sand beaches with the radiant Sun in the backdrop, is a sight unparalleled! Do a road trip and drive around this fascinating island and Iceland, truly, will show you the sense of being with nature. "

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The Hashemite kingdom of Jordan – Spectacular, serene and safe

Jordan dead sea

When we covered Jordan, we were impressed with its "mars-like" desertscapes, rich history and historical structures. Well the very pretty Sakshi Gulati from Seatbackupright reinforces this impression!

Jordan, surrounded by Syria, Saudi Arabia and Israel doesn’t usually make it to the list of potential travel destinations among travelers. But fear not, it is absolutely safe to travel to this wonderful country. We drove around the country, experienced the warm hospitality of local and
were even welcomed to their homes for coffee. In Jordan, you witness a new landscape almost every other day. While Amman is more about a
colorful modern city, Petra had breathtaking grandeur and fabulous canyons. Wadi Rum gives an illusion of being on Mars,and dead sea a feeling of weightlessness. You cannot help but fall in love with Jordan.

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The Java Adventure....

Java Indonesia

We agree with Shmruthi from Spreadthewings , Indonesia usually evokes the response of "Bali" and that is about it! Here she tells us Indonesia beyond Bali and how it happens to be her best ever!

"When people hear Indonesia, all they can think about is Bali. But Indonesia is so much more than that and, in fact my best experience in Indonesia was hiking volcanoes in the Java region in early 2017. The landscape is breathtaking and when the first rays of the sun light up the mystic scene in front of your eyes, the feeling is heavenly. Surabaya is easily accessible by air and reaching Mount Bromo and Kawah Ijen by public transport is also quite convenient, if planned early. With down to earth and friendly people around, the safety of women is not an issue, so this is a perfect solo travel destination for sure. "

Paradise I called Home!


I guess it is time for me to etch something down about my best ever experience. For a quintessential mountain gal, that is me, this one comes as a surprise! But almost at the edge of betraying my "first and forever love" - mountains, i am going to name my fling with sun, sea and sand as my most memorable and special experience. I had the wonderful opportunity of calling the archipelago of Maldives my home for about a year. Frankly, the blue seas were beautiful but nothing really moved me until, well it all started growing up on me. The swell of the sea, hot cuppa on the jetty, exploring resort islands and living that "Island Life". By the time I came back from Maldives, my affair with white sands and bright azure waters was on a full swing! Maldives made me fall in love with sea and beaches, and I did everything from enjoying the luxury of those picture perfect resorts, to scuba diving, open sea swimming, snorkeling to one of its kind- a submarine dive! Scuba diving was definitely the high point because i had a real phobia of underwater. Not that it is completely gone, but its fangs have been definitely eroded. I for one, am a happy soul. So whether solo, couple or with group of friends, do visit may just fall heads over heel in love!

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A big thank you to the amazing contributors who shared their special memories through these destinations with us. It was lovely for us to receive the responses, gaze dreamily at the photographs and putting it all up together. From Bohotraveller, we wish them millions of happy, safe and extraordinary journeys!

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