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Are you a cycling enthusiast and looking for an ideal terrain to set off, to satisfy that biking junkie? We must tell you that if are in Cambodia, you are in the right place to satiate the bike love. The Cambodian terrains are perfect for biking and it is best explored on bikes. Now let us rewind a little bit and tell you how this idea got into our head, well say HELLO to "Butterfly tours" from Cambodia. Following our theme of going off beat, they got in touch with us and as we got to know them a little better, we decided to do a feature on them as well as some Cambodian must-do places! Butterfly Tours is not your typical travel operator, they are committed to contributing to the development of their nation through empowerment of youth!

Why we are in Love with Butterfly Tours!

Butterfly Tours is the best option to go on a memorable biking tour to unravel the true spirit of Cambodia. They are set on a journey with the ideology to build a locally empowered set of employees and employers who will contribute in developing the local environment and economy of Cambodia. It is pretty evident that through biking, Butterfly tours offers an experience that is unique in all respects. Locally run by a group of Cambodian students, the Butterfly tours are all about a rich feel and experience of the untrodden specs of Kampot, Siem Reap and Battambang. They offer an awesome biking tour by instilling a sense of belonging amongst visitors. You will feel like one of the team when they introduce you to the lives of the people here, their traditions and communities, as many of the guides belong to the countryside. The tourism industry ranks third among Cambodian industries. But, unfortunately, major parts of the local Cambodian community do not receive the profits of it and are thus, still living below the poverty line. To improve the economic conditions of the Cambodian local people these students have taken the initiative called Butterfly Tours!
They use high-end bikes for the tours that are led by the student guides who will make you fall in love with Cambodia!

Traditional Livelihoods

Battambang traditonal livelihoods

This is one such half-day biking tour around Battambang that is sure to give you the perfect countryside experience. In this tour, the visitor learns about the cultural traditions and livelihood of the local people and all of that by traveling on bicycles. In the duration of 4 hours, you feel the relaxed village pace. Pick-up and drop-off facilities are included and to cool off you have fresh coconuts. Traversing through Donteay Village, famous for rice paper production, you learn about local banana agriculture, drop off for a quick rice wine drink, witness the making of Khmer noodles, bike down to Battambang’s largest fish paste market and wind up the tour with bamboo rice cakes.

Explore the back roads of Kampot!


Enter the unexplored world of Kampot over a half-day bicycle tour. This tour will take you to the off bound lotus farms. It allows you to mingle with the villagers in a homely environment against the backdrop of luscious green paddy fields and rice mills. The native guides also lead Cambodian rolled cake and Khmer noodle makers that offer free sampling of the traditional delicacies.

Lives of Battambang…a Full day Bike tour


This fun-filled tour gives you the best insight into the daily living ways of the villagers, particularly Battambang countryside. The renowned bamboo train ride, commonly known as Norry is simply a cherry on the cake. The flavor of local cuisine in lunch and the cooking classes definitely raise the bar of excitement. It is basically an extension of the traditional livelihood tour. The additions are a visit to the Memorial of Khmer Rouge victims and at length soaking up of a typical Cambodian villagers' life!

Bike Ek Phnom

Ek phnom

This half-day Ek Phnom temple tour is one of its kind. Cycling through the early morning scenic splendor of Battambang you reach this stranded ancient Buddhist temple. Situated in the forest encircling the Tkov Village, you will pass through many other small villages. Apart from the visit to rice paper makers and the temple and cycling through the paddy fields, the tour includes a visit to handmade scarf workshops where you can buy and learn about the stylish ways to wrap the scarves.

Sunset and Bat Caves

bat caves

This tour involves exciting hiking in a tuk-tuk on which you reach at the foothill of Sampov Mountain just in time for the spectacular sunset against the Battambang backdrop. The mountain breeze has an intoxicating effect on the most tranquil tracks you will ever be on. Hiking your way through the dense forest the charming sight of the far away twinkling lights of the Battambang town never fails to captivate those who set their eyes on this amazing view. The essence of Buddhism runs through the air of Cambodia. Along the way, you will also encounter a temple wall engraved with eastern artistry. The Killing Caves will give you an insight about the atrocities faced by the Rouge victims.  At the exit, take a plunge into the sublimity of the hues coming alive on the horizon. The monkeys atop the Sampov Mountain are truly entertaining. The time of descent is just about when you catch the sight of the nocturnal bats flying out in packs out of the surrounding caves.

Temple trails of Angkor


Set out on the spiritually enchanting temple trails leading to Angkor. These peaceful back trails take you to the many concealed from public temples in the Angkor peripheral. This full-day bike tour will also bring you closer to the write-up Cambodian countryside. A lip-smacking local lunch and a calming ride away from the cacophonous tourist spots will become the highlight of your trip. With the signature style of the butterfly Tours that takes you through the villages in the beginning of a trail sets the tone for rest of the day. The trail begins with Angkor wat, on the less trodden route. You will pass through Bakheng temple, Preah Khan Temples, Baksei Chamkrong temple and many more of such splendors. Enjoy your lunch amidst a hidden trail which will surely render a different perspective.

Bike to the Bamboo Train

Ride along the varied Battambang architectural specs in a half-day span to reach the spot from where you would board on the famous Norry or the Bamboo Train. The trains ride if free. The cycling trail takes you through Salaket, Old Stone Bridge, and landmark of Dambong Kronoung Statue and finally reaches you to the Bamboo Train. The local guide enlightens you about the history surrounding this highlight. Don’t forget to capture memorable moments of the unique tour.

 French Architecture

Governor hall Siem Reap

This is one of the specialists 2-day cycling tour during which you will give you ample opportunties to discover the architectural and scenic splendor of Battambang. Along with the norry (bamboo train) ride, you will also be entertained with a circus performance by the local people. To top it up there is an arrangement for a grand farewell dinner. The tour starts off with bat caves and stunning sunset views, takes you through norry ride, a walk through the Battambang city and the curtain falls with the farewell dinner accompanied by the circus performance.

Off the Beaten Track

Siem Reap bike tour

Looking out to explore the hidden treasures of Siem Reap beyond the familiar tourist spots and temples? Opt for this bicycle tour of half day duration, conducted by the Butterfly Tours. Thus, the name of the tour is justified, “Off the Beaten Track”. So work those lazy legs out and bike through the rustic paddy fields in the interiors of Siem Reap. Cross the sandy roads to reach the local marketplace and mingle with some of the traditional potters and rice wine makers. Take one two sips if you may. The guides of the Butterfly Tours are very warm and give you a homely feel throughout the tour.

How to Reach

 By Air: You can fly to Siem Reap airport, or take a flight from Phnom Penh which is the capital city of Cambodia.

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By Road: You can hire a cab or take shared taxis from capital city Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. Buses also ply from Kompong Thom, Phnom Penh and other major towns and cities. Within Siem Reap you can take tuk-tuk or hire bikes to commute. 

Where to Stay

Siem Reap has numerous options for accommodation. Here are our tops picks ranging from budget to luxurious options. Alternatively, you can look use the search box give here for a complete list of hotels in Siem Reap 

So, tour around Cambodia with Butterfly tours and blend in with the Cambodian communities and enjoy the mesmerizing local ambiance and beauty. If this write up has got you all curious and interested then do get in touch with Butterfly Tours at contact@butterflytours.asiaor call them up on +855 86 95 95 69 / +855 89 29 70 70. For more information visit their website https://butterflytours.asia/ 

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