Its Unbelievable That These Dazzling Mosques Actually Exist!

First look and we fell in love! Frankly, we did not have a lot of information about Iran but then we got in touch with fabulously gorgeous Farzan from Arshiyan Salar travel agency. She showed us Iran in a light we had never seen before and guys we are truly floored! There is a lot Iran has to offer- Sun and Sand tours, a record number of UNESCO heritage sites, mosques that are completely out of this world, a culture that is as rich as it is colorful and exquisite items you can shop for! Since there actually is a lot to cover, we have decided to do a series on Iran and are happy to kick start it all with this photo feature of the mosques that are so spectacular that it is hard to believe that they actually exist!

The largest Mosque in the World- Imam Reza Shrine

The dramatic play of color that caresses the golden dome of Mashhad, allures worshipers and travelers alike. Spread over 6 million sq feet, it is the largest mosque in the world!

It is not only the color or size, but the work and patterns etched on the entire dome, arches and walls of the shrine is a remarkable work of art. The palette is in white and blue which pleases your eyes and soothes your senses.

Just look at the vast expanse that lights up like a dream landscape. It does not hurt that the entire floor and staircases are adorned with world famous Persian carpets!

Nasir Al-Mulk Mosque

With the picture above, we don't even have to tell you the reason why Nasir Al-Mulk mosque is a must-see in Iran. When the sun rays filter through those colorful stained glass windows, the atmosphere inside becomes dramatic and surreal. The dream-like corridors splashed with brilliant color display are simply out of this world.

Pink is the dominant color and the blues and yellows added to it balance the entire color scheme beautifully. Did i tell you I am not a fan of pink but for this, i shall travel!!

Image by Omid Jafarnezhad

Image by Omid Jafarnezhad

We are quite out of words by now! You will not find any other place quite like it. With a long track of history and splendid appearance that transports you in the surreal world of colors, Nasir-Al-Mulk is the attraction in Iran that you must not miss.

Pir Palan dooz Mosque

Bathed in the lusciously rich pastel shades, Pir Palandooz is visually stunning. It is not the kind that hits you right away but grows on you as you roam about its picturesque courtyards and set your eyes on the complex designs on its walls. Use of marine blue and yellows keep it miles away from being bland or dull.

Shahcheragh Shrine

I don't know about you all, but i dig that color big time! Shahcheragh is a top rated monument and place to visit in Iran. And why are we not surprised!

Look at the way this mosque towers over the city in the background. It is almost like the architect designed this mosque like a painter paints his canvas. The colors are amazingly coordinated and may we mention, how well preserved this stunning piece of Art is!

This photo feature was a pleasure and a great way to start peeling off the layers to know the real Iran. In weeks and months to come, we will be covering various facets of this wonderful land of Cyrus the great! On our journey we will have Arshiyan travels with us who have been kind enough to share whole load of information on Iran. We promise you, by the time our series is done, you would have made up your mind about the attractions in Iran you want to visit and how to go about making it a reality!

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