Man Behind The Lens: Angelo Fountoulakis

If you saw our photo feature on Australia in the month of July then you are already familiar with Angelo Fountoulakis. His photographs catch your imagination and they look nothing less than brilliant work of genius! Some of the images are just too beautiful to be true but then there they are from the lens of a guy who knows his craft to perfection. We present Angelo in this interview who discusses photography, his cameras and his struggle with depression. His is an inspiring story of perseverance and persistence. Ladies and Gentlemen....make way....

1. We don’t have words to describe your pictures, they are simply spectacular! Tell us about your romantic affair with the camera and lens.

I was a teenager when I first experimented with photography, I was fortunate that my brother shared the same interest as I did in art. He was studying photography in university and I of course wanted to learn. I did however take in a different path in my career and it wasn’t until 5 years ago when I bought my first camera. It was a Nikon D3100 DSLR. I experimented with different themes and eventually found that seascapes and landscapes were what I loved. The love of nature and driving to remote locations was exciting for me. I felt alive when I had a camera in hand and was going on a road trip to the unknown.

     2. How did photography help you overcome your bouts and phases of depression?

I have faced the challenges of depression and anxiety from my teenage years. I understood that a lot of activities I would get involved in at some point I would tend to lose interest. The difference for me with photography is that there is no pressure to go out and take photos, it’s always on my schedule. I found comfort at times by being able to connect with others through my medium but still be isolated. This enabled me to develop a real passion for photography and understand that it was a great way for me to go to places I never would have intended to see.

3.  So landscape photography is your forte’. What kind of scapes interests you particularly?

I love seascapes due to the fact that no 2 shots will ever be the same, the elements of water and the sky create a unique setting. I am in awe of clouds and flowing water, its such a beautiful thing to watch. I love catching the light before sunrise in the clouds and capturing the movement in water.

4.  What are your favorite places for capturing on lens and why? In Australia and outside Australia.

Ideally I love to travel to waterfalls or beaches, the challenge living here on the east coast of Australia is that you need to do this at sunrise. So in summer this can mean a early start such as 4am, it is a little easier in winter with the sun rising a little later. When abroad, it really depends on the location. In New York the site of the buildings towering over the sky is truly amazing. I have experimented with cityscapes also and more so at night. I find the city lights create so many unique perspectives.

5. The sky is a defining part of your photographs, is it something you always concentrate on?

Yes the sky is featured in most of my work and this is because you can get great depth with clouds and great colour. I will tend to use filters so I can get some blur in the clouds before sunset as this can make an impression of a great brush stroke.

6. Tell us a little about your camera, lens and gear?

I use Nikon gear, primarily because my brother uses the same brand, but also because of the quality of the camera body and Nikkor lenses. Without a doubt Nikkor lenses are the best and produce the best results. I own a D810, D7200 and D3200 body and several lenses. For landscape my go to is the Nikkor 16-35mm f/4G, as I use filters and this allows me to use a standard adapter ring. I use the Lee Filters that are the best quality filters.

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7.  Any place which you really want to capture which is on your wishlist?

Next stop is New Zealand, I have researched my trip and will spend 12 days touring through the south island. There are so many beautiful mountains and national parks to explore. The main places on the way are Milford Sound and Fiordland national park. There is a reason why films such as “lord of the Rings’ has been filmed in these locations. The scenery is just incredible.

8.  Now away from photography and close to travel. We know you have travelled extensively. Tell us a little about the places you have been to and those that moved you the most.

I would have to say that without a doubt, the Greek islands by far had the biggest impact on my life. The beauty of the beaches and culture is amazing. The way of life there is captivating and can easily hold you there longer than intended. I traveled there over 10 years ago and had a one way ticket. I was planning to stay for maybe a month or so but stayed for the summer and it was incredible. There is so much beauty to capture and of course, the sunsets are amazing. I can say that the stay in Greece enabled me to set some plans for my future and was an opportunity to reflect on my past.

9. The most difficult one- which one is your most favorite picture that you have captured till date?

My favorite is location is Coogee rocks of course, and this is because it is an isolated area that not many people know of. It is so peaceful there and away from noise and distractions, but the intensity of the ocean and the waves reminds me I am alive. I have such a beautiful area so close to home and within 5 minutes I can be taking photo’s of what I enjoy the most.

So this was Angelo for you! You can catch more of his amazing work on Scapism Photography which aims to create awareness for mental illness and provides an option for you to make a donation when you purchase a photo from this website. For the awesome photo feature that we hosted on our website in July, click here! If it is the camera that has caught your fancy or anything at all that talks travel, then visit our awesome Store now!

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