The Most Awesome Beaches of the World- Some you have never heard about!

This year we have been “beach-lucky”! That is a word and we just coined it to refer to those people who happen to visit a lot of beach destinations within a short period of time. The best part was that some of these beaches are actually not that well known and we kept wondering why! Frankly, no regrets there because sipping on a hot cup of coffee watching the sunset or downing a bubbly under the super hot sun and cool blue waters on a peaceful beach is definitely our idea of fun. C’mon, we all have that private beach wish! Well here are the glimpses of these stunners we just can’t seem to get over!


Maldives Beach

The island life is awesome and it is best experienced at Maldives. The pretty ocean villas that give you free access to open water from the luxury of your room just made the trip for us! Sip on some champagne, take a dip in the water, snorkel like crazy, eat like a Viking…….and feel like an islander!

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Maya Beach Krabi

Maya Beach Krabi.JPG

When the greens and blues come together, they create magic that looks like….the Maya beach! The fine white sand, lush green hillocks and expanse of azure in front of us just had us mesmerized all day long and till date we are under its spell. Interesting trivia- This beach was the main scene of shooting for the Hollywood film - The beach.


Dawn at Bintan

The colors of dawn and the tranquility of beach as the morning was coming alive slowly, sleepily and still wanting to go back to bed was a scene of paradise. Nature as we always say can move you in so many ways- Bintan at Dawn was definitely one of them.


Goa, India

Under the evening sky, for a short duration of time the celebratory atmosphere of Goa sunk just like the sunset we had witnessed a while back. All that remained was the peaceful foreground and the only thing we could hear was the waves throwing themselves at the sand and rocks. Within the next half an hour….we were back partying the Goa Style!

Salang Village Beach, Malaysia

Salang Beach

When you stay amongst the dense shade of coconut trees over at the hillock and beach is your verandah, well you have some great Karmas working for you! The beach is not so secluded all the time but keep an eye and you may have it all to yourself some time of the day!

Tioman Island, Malaysia

Rengis Island, Malaysia

Fancy going to the island propped in the middle of the sea? You must! You may swim to Rengis Island that's right in front of you and admire the beauty of corals or feed the many colored fish right from the beach! Or do what we did, donned our swimwear and sat looking at the vista in front of us….for hours!

Yarada Village, Visakhapatnam, India

Yarada Beach, Vizag

That was the scene from the gym and so of course, I happened to be in super shape during the time I was here! Visakhapatnam or Vizag is a super pretty city on the East Coast of India. Not your touristy kind but happens to have one of the most stunning beaches with verdant hills in the background, fine sand and weren’t we telling you about that bubbly? Great place to open it!

Karwar, India

Karwar, India

From East, we move to West Coast of India and this one is in the state of Karnataka. On a clear sunny day here, you can see marine life without even using your goggles or diving into the waters. Talk of pristine beaches, tiny islands nesting in the vast blanket of blue and a place that is still shy of tourists! If Goa is too bustling, come to Karwar for a break!

Sao Beach, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Sao Beach, Phu Quoc, Vietnam

Just shun the footwear and embrace the fine sand as it slips through your toes and cushions your feet gently. This is Sao beach in Phu Quoc where you come for some swim, sun and sand. Not a mighty affair, hardly any restaurants around but amazing views! Interested in visiting this idyllic place? We highly recommend readind the below hostel review in Ohu Quoc. We bet this is the best place to stay 

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Golden Beach, Cyprus

Golden Beach, Cyprus

Quite a secluded beach in North Cyprus but what a mesmerizing view this beach offers! Feel the soft golden sands under your feet and most importantly- listen. Listen to the sound of the waves breaking on the beach..enough to lull you into relaxation. Oh by the way, this place has quite a few wild asses to give you company!

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea

The most unexplored country in the world has the most stunning beaches. Since the entire country is so pristine and rustic, it's no surprise that the water here is so crystal clear! While you admire the beauty of the beach above, do take a peek at our articles on  Papu New Guinea!

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So these were 11 awesome beaches and still counting! I am headed to another resort in Maldives this month and so the journey continues. Promise, I will get the glimpses for you all and another great review of the great property. In the mean time stay hooked because we have amazingly exciting stuff coming up in the coming days. And another photo feature to cool you off….shh shh…that was supposed to be a secret!

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