Stunning Vistas Of The Most Rural Country In The World

When we did a feature on Papua New Guinea last time, there were still so many glimpses of this gorgeous country that we had not explored. So it was high time we covered all that we had missed. But since we are not in a mood to leave anything related to this fascinating region of the world this time, we have decided to do a three part photo feature on the exotic PNG. We are starting with its untouched and pristine landscapes that have been inviting travelers from all over the world to witness the nature in all its glory!

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1. Beaver/ Wasi Falls

Southern Highlands Province of PNG is home to these spectacular waterfalls that rise to a height of over 100 meters. Come and "FALL" in love!

2. Mount Hagen

Mount Hagen in Western Highlands offer the best of rural setting. The image captures the true spirit of PNG and its rustic facet.

3. Beach Waterfall

Beach waterfall in West New Britain Province is a great place to escape in the lap of nature. Dip yourself in the crystal clear green waters and get a great tan on the banks by its side!

4. Remote Island near Trobriands

Such small uninhabited islands are common place in PNG. They give you a wonderful and unique opportunity to get the feel of a private island.

5. Island of West New Britain Province

Lush green mountains in the backdrop with ocean showing its thousand moods is an inspiration for an artist and heaven for a traveler!

6. Tsoi Island

The splendor of blues melting into brown grains of sandy beaches! This one is captured on the Tsoi Island in New Ireland Province

7. Rabaul Volcano

An erupting volcano can seem violent but here, it looks like nature decided to play with its best colors and produced a masterpiece!

8. Water Fall on Waghi River

Waterfalls are fun! Tons of fresh water gushing down, making its way from the tropical rain forest is visually spectacular! This one is at the start of the Waghi River neat Mt. Hagen.

9. Summit of Mount Wilhelm

In Simbu Province of PNG, lies Mount Wilhelm. The scenic range is one of the most popular hiking trail and this is the view of the summit.

10. Mount Tavurvur Volcano in Rabaul

After the aerial view, this capture is up and close with the smoking hot volcano. Just look at the colors and contrast that have been created here! The black lava beach along the sapphire blue stream with the bubbling volcano in the background...a capture of the lifetime!

11. Kavieng Town

Sunrises have a romance about them, they are quiet, gorgeous and absolutely seductive. And the one that reflects on the water simply breathtaking!

12. Hot Springs at West New Britain Province

Hot springs like this one are a rarity. We cannot wait to get into one of them!

13. The "Mist"ic

The mist is all thanks to Volcanic West New Britain Province where the water bodies get heated due to lava and create such amazing scenes!

14. Aerial, Hanuabada Village, Port Moresby

This is as urban as PNG gets and though this might be a common phenomenon all across the world but scenes like these are truly rare in the most rural country in the world!

15. South Highland Province

Rugged mountain ranges , South Highland Province

Rugged mountain ranges , South Highland Province

Rugged mountain ranges in South Highland provinces are rich in lush tropical rain forests and trails running through them. Travelers hike and cover these trails over days and they are considered one of the most difficult trails to complete!

We have tried to capture and create the essence of PNG through these 15 images. The marvelous vistas of PNG make it a paradise for those who are looking for an adventure which is unique, exotic and completely off-road! For more on PNG wait for our next photo features on its Tribes and Flora & Fauna. We would like to thank the wonderful team at PNG tourism for sharing these gorgeous images as PNG is waking to the world as an emerging destination!

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