Montreal: Canada’s Ode To France

Montreal Canada

Located in the province of Quebec in Canada, Montréal is a ghost of European culture in the concoction of the contemporary motif. The city has evolved from a teeny parish to a metropolitan city since Jacques Cartier, the French explorer put a foot on the Canadian land in the 18th century. The ancient Parisian inspired streets and buildings are a breathtaking excuse for one to wander from the lovely Canal de Lachine, bistro to sidewalk café. One may take a cycling tour to the terraced cafes of Plateau Mont-Royal and shop at the bustling and glittering shops located in the alluring alleys of the city. The 18th Century Facades of city awakens the yearning in every individual to learn about the bygone glories of the Old Montréal. When you are here, it is quite easy to forget that you are in Canada!

Ville Marie..….the Ancient Montreal

City hall, Montreal

The downtown area of the city Montréal is heralded as one of the most vibrant places in the world. It consists of the Latin Quarter, Old Montreal, the Gay Village, downtown Montreal, major parts of Mount Royal Parks and islands situated on the St. Lawrence River. If you scan through the Montreal points of interest it is one of the most visited and densely populated locations in North America. The vibrancy of the Gay Village and its drag-queen bars are a major attraction of the downtown neighborhood. Its historic museums, quaint square, and chapels add the appeal of Ancient ornamentation to the town. 

Grevin Wax Museum…….up-close and personal with the celebrities

Grevin Wax museum, Montreal

If one wants to come face to face with famous personalities and celebrities without having to worry about dealing with their bodyguards, the Grevin Wax Museum is the place one must visit. The blend of art and jazz come together in the museum where the wax figures of personalities like Lady Gaga, Celine Dion, Albert Einstein, Queen Elizabeth and others enchant the visitors. It also artistically features the four seasons in the Place of Seasons, taking the visitors to an altogether different world. The museums are divided into 8 rooms or worlds that are segments into various categories, with each room a visitors are awed by the masterwork of the artists involved into the ideation of the subjects. The museum is one of the things to do in Montreal with kids !

Montmorency Falls…….the splendor of the illuminated fall

Montmorency falls Montreal

The Montmorency Falls enjoy the status of being higher than the Niagara Falls with the height of 272 feet. One may enjoy the summer night in the fall with its water illuminated with spectacular fireworks. Visitors can enjoy a hearty picnic with the view of the falls surrounded by the Parc de la Chute-Montmorency. Taking the staircase is the way to have a closer look of the majestic falls, or perhaps a walk across the suspension bridge to have a view of the thundering water gliding down the waterfall. 

Montreal Botanical Gardens…..showcasing biodiversity  

Picture Courtesy: Amusingplanet

Picture Courtesy: Amusingplanet

Montreal is known for its extensively colorful and thriving botanical gardens all over the world. The gardens offer a variety of tourist attractions irrespective of season and time with its numerous individually themed gardens and exhibition greenhouses. Visiting the place is among the things to do in Montreal; the gardens have 22,000 species of plants from all over the world that showcases the biodiversity of the planet. The arrangements of trees, shrubs and bushes are remarkable and colors absolutely vibrant The gardens are classified as the National Historic Site of Canada and attract visitors from all across the globe. 

Jacques Cartier Place…..the Carnival feel

Jacques Cartier Palace Montreal

Set all across the Rue Norte-Dame and the Old port in the north and south respectively, the Jacques Cartier Place is the popular square located in the midst of Vieux Montreal. One can enjoy live street performances; get their portraits done at the carnivals hosted in the place. One can savor a variety of cuisine and sip local beer or perhaps enjoy shopping at Nelson’s Column, a popular market.  A stroll down to the Old Port after a tiring day is all one needs to ravel the 19th-century mansions and townhouses.  

Visiting a place without the knowledge of what kind of activities one can indulge in can sometimes prove to be a complete disaster of a tour; one must have an idea about the best things to do in Montreal prior to the visit at least for planning sake because this city has a lot to offer. Following are the activities that one may indulge in while staying in Montreal. 

Old Montreal Ghost Walking Tour……a rendezvous with the dead  

Ghost Walking tour Montreal

If one like to indulge in activities that chill one’s spine and accelerate adrenaline rush within one’s body then the ghost walk tour is their thing. The excitement of ghost hunting and the fright of coming face to face with a supernatural being bring out the dark excitement in oneself. Old Montreal is an altogether a different place after the fall, the tour is becoming more anticipating when you are guided through by the tour guide who tells you of the haunted tales associated with the place. You are sure to enjoy the grim events, criminal legends and witchcraft stories haunting the city. 

Flavors of Old Montreal Walking Tour……the culture tunnel of food

Montreal food

Whether one is a foodie or not the walking tour designed to have a taste of Old Montreal culinary delicacies is sure to awaken the foodie in every individual. The tour takes one on 2.5-hour walk discovering cuisines at each possible bakery, café, cheese shops and much more. Such kinds of the tour are an excuse to discover the rich cultural identity of the place through its food. We all know how food is intrinsic part of every culture and so a gastronomical tour is the best way to seek and soak some of it. The food here looks as good as it tastes....a complete visual treat that tingles your tongue too!

 Independent tour on bike…… to the depth of the city

Bike Tour

If one wants to have a closer look of the charming city of Montreal, then a ride on a bicycle is the quintessential necessity. Feel the enthralling beauty of the city all by yourself devoid any baggage of responsibility or crowd. Discover the deeper parts of the historic Old Montreal, Chinatown, the villages, and lively downtown. One can get to the desired destination in no time on a bike without worry about traffic or pass a narrow alley. Perceive the city at its real pace in a sync of yours.  

Ice Wine Tour

Ice wine tour

How can you miss this one being in Canada!? We surely could not keep the unique Ice wine tour out of the list of things to do in Montreal. This tour gives you exclusive access to some of the finest wineries in Quebec. This tour takes very small groups which means maximum attention and loads of fun. Take part in mixology workshop and learn the art behind world's most renowned Ice wine and Apple Ice Cider. And that is not all, make yourself comfortable around a warm bonfire outdoor and enjoy some of these products from the wineries!

The richness of church heritage and architectural magnificence takes one back to Montreal's significant past.  Museums and hotels of the city add a beautiful silhouette to the city charm. You may enjoy the best of Montreal with its fine dining and vibrant club vista that reflects its contemporary elegance in the amalgamation of old-fashioned allure. So now that we covered, well quite a bit of what Montreal can be for a visitor, lets take a look at the stay options here.

How to Reach

By Air: Located 12 miles( approx 20 kilometers) from the city, the Pierre Elliot Trudeau International Airport is well connected to major international and domestic destinations.

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By Road: If you are in New York, then Montreal is just about an hour by car. From Toronto it is a 335 miles (540 kilometers) of great drive to get into the city. Rent your car here.

By Train: Regular trains run from Toronto, Ottawa and Quebec city to Montreal. There is also an option of taking train from New York.

Where to Stay

Because of humongous number of visitors this city gets every year and from all walks of life, the options of accommodation are aplenty. From premium to budget, we have it all for you right here!

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