The Royal Rajasthan ln Never Seen Before Captures

Rajasthan, the Royal state of India is a place cast in gold.....golden sand dunes, vivacious and colorful culture along with absolutely lip smacking food! Millions of people around the world travel to Rajasthan every year so obviously there are like zillions of pictures of this state all over the internet. This is why we had assumed that we had seen it all and of course that much-loved article on Rajasthan, had us hopping from one image of Rajasthan to another until our eyes watered! Well, our ego and "we have seen it all" was shattered when we came across these brilliant shots below! The photographer is very talented Shaily Rathore and his random captures will simply capture your heart!

1. The Forest Stream

For those who thought Rajasthan was just a vast expanse of desert that only has those golden hues to show off! This is enough of fresh green and resplendent yellows to make virile mountains shy!

2. Desert Sunset

This one gives "sunset on beach" a run for money. Hues of orange in the background of a landscape slowly embracing the dark of twilight, creates an alluring play of colors which can be compared only to an artiste's canvas!

3. The Road You Don't Want to End

Does the springtime look like this in Rajasthan? Reds, browns, yellows and we are still counting those innumerable shades of green that are oh so flirtatious!

The sleepy village

The interesting amalgam of color and monochrome is what truly captures the serene quality of this tiny hamlet somewhere in the middle of nowhere. As Shaily rightly puts it " the greens look beautiful just because of the black"!

5. When the lord above arrives

The dark clouds gathering up a storm to be unleashed soon could be a scary scene for many but for the parched land and its inhabitants, it is the most auspicious and awaited occasion. We love it more because of the amazing click here!

6. Color of the Hills

A road going through the wilderness and miles of green foliage sprayed with vibrant colors is a scene we never thought of seeing in Rajasthan. All we thought about was acres and acres of dry, barren but beautiful desert and this just came as a splendid surprise!

7. The Misty Stream

And no, we are not in mountains in case you suspected. We are still very much in some obscure part of Rajasthan and its best kept secrets.

8. The After Glow

The dry desert-scape bathed in the fine shimmer of sunset is a sight one can never get tired of admiring . No wonder they have so many desert sunset tours!

9. The Half Taj Mahal

The famous hill station of Mount Abu captured ingeniously, with grey clouds hovering in the background and deep crevasses of rocky terrain running wild in the foreground! It is the beauty of nature in its many forms that comes together to create a drama....

10. The Color Runs Red

A picture of a spot in the blue city of India- Jodhpur. It is just unfortunate that littering is a part of this marvelous click, if not for those thrown bottles, this snap would have been perfect......

11. The Perfect Camaraderie

This vast expanse is one more reminder of why this lovely damsel called Rajasthan steals your heart and floors you for life! There are so many mesmerizing scenes in this state that we are wondering if its even legal to be so incredible!

12. Bravest of Them

It is sometimes unbelievable when you see so much life in desert lands. Flora and fauna in such abundance that it makes you forget the hostility of it all! Again nature in all its glory and splendor!

So, surprised? We are definitely spellbound and before we take leave let us introduce to the brilliant guy behind these spectacular shots...Shaily Rathore.

Shaily Rathore, a wanderer from the state of Rajasthan (India), works in a Multinational corporation but deep down his soul looks for contentment and peace which he finds only when he travels. He is proud of the fact that he is more of a traveler than a tourist. He gets that Midas touch whenever he takes a camera in his hands. Trust us, if he has captured your city through his camera, then he will make you see it in a different light and lens which will surely amaze you.Checkout his instagram for more of his awesome pics
instagram: shaily_rathore_yogi

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