Scintillating St. Kitts & Nevis: A Perfect Caribbean Getaway

Are you aching for a peaceful holiday but all that planning and complicated visa process holding you back? Well let us take you to a scintillating destination in the Caribbean that has one of the best beaches you will ever lay your eyes on, a relaxed vibe to it and you don't need a Visa to land there if you are in "visa- waived" list !!  You can book your holiday for the Federation of St. Kitts and Nevis this time around and enjoy your vacation in one of the most exotic visa free countries. As for the planning part, we are giving you a complete low down on fun things to do in St. Kitts and Nevis, how to reach there and where to Stay.

Charlestown….Enjoy an old world charm

Image credits:  Washington Post

Image credits: Washington Post

Charlestown, the capital of Nevis is elegance personified and you will simply fall in love with its old world charm. This is a place where people are all smiles and look like they don't have a worry in the world! Well, Charlestown is a different place altogether where all passers-by will greet you with a smile on their faces, no matter what time of the day it is.

Take a stroll on its Main Street to a picturesque waterfront. A visit to the Museum of Nevis History is also a must during your stay. You will learn a lot about the rich historic background of the island after your visit to this museum. Another popular tourist destination you must make a visit to while you are in Charlestown is an old Jewish cemetery on the Government Road.

Frigate Bay…. A perfect beach to let your hair down

Image Credits:  FreeforTourists

Image Credits: FreeforTourists

Frigate Bay is located just outside St. Kitts and is regarded by many as the island's best beach. Come and unwind on the golden sands of this stunning beach where the sky is the limit as far as fun-filled activities are concerned. Beach volleyball, jet skiing, kayaking, windsurfing, swimming, the list is simply endless. No wonder, it is a heaven for all those visitors who are fond of adventure and water sports.

And as the sun sets, discover an exciting nightlife in all the beach bars that start bustling with activities and located at the South Frigate Bay. There is a host of events including karaoke, bonfires, dancing, live music, food and frolic, so it does not matter on which night of the week you drop by these bars. This place also has quite a scenic fort where you can drop by if you ever get tired of the beach (the chances of that are quite remote though)!


Great Salt Pond….White Sands galore and Exciting Water sports

Image Credits:  Caribbean Beat

Image Credits: Caribbean Beat

Are you a self-proclaimed adventure freak and love that adrenaline rush? Then this is 'THE' place for you and your friends. Enjoy this perfect day trip while you are at the St. Kitts peninsula. The Great Salt Pond is situated on the island's southeastern tip in St. Maarten, part Dutch and Part French town. It is flanked by both the Caribbean and the Atlantic and is known for its beautiful line of white sands on both sides of the beach. While you must indulge in swimming and snorkeling in the waters of the Caribbean, spend some time in body surfing in the Atlantic Ocean whose turbulent waters will give you the thrill of a lifetime.

Romney Manor….Shop till you get exhausted

How can you miss dropping by this estate from 17th Century, when you are holidaying at St Kitts and Nevis? In fact, you will simply lose track of time while exploring the different attractions and tourist spots in this magnificent sugar plantation, which seemed to have witnessed slaves slogging it out once upon a time. It has been given a fresh lease of life today and is also home to one of the most popular craft shops called Caribelle Batik selling beautiful handicrafts and fabrics with Indonesian style of treatment in them. You can also tour the botanical gardens, which surround the main edifice. 

Mt Liamuiga….Brings the world closer

Enjoy the bird's eye view of the entire island from the top of Mt Liamuiga, which is the highest summit in the St. Kitts and Nevis. Standing at a height of 3,792 feet, it offers a stunning view of some of the Eastern Caribbean Islands like Nevis, Antigua, St. Martin, St. Barths, Statia, and Saba. The land that surrounds this peak is extremely fertile. Just half way up, you can see small villages and farmlands nestled in it. As, the height increases, one can hardly miss the beautiful rain forest and its rich lush. You can enjoy the natural beauty of this place thoroughly by enrolling for one of the numerous guided tours to its summit. These tours start from St. Paula' Belmont Estate.

Basseterre…. Paradise for tourists

Image Credits:  Tourist Destinations

Image Credits: Tourist Destinations

This old town in the Eastern Caribbean Countries is also the capital of St. Kitts and Nevis. What makes the city a heaven for visitors is the splendid amalgamation of the European culture and history with the unique island living style and great tourism facilities.

There are two key areas in the city; The Circus, that caters especially to the visitors and Independence Square. The latter is the house of the older structures and prominent buildings like the courthouse and the cathedral. Since the city is the commercial and the cultural hub of the Federation, you will have plenty of attractions to indulge yourself starting from pubs, breweries, restaurants serving mouth-watering cuisines, heritage sites, monuments, museums, craft markets and regional offices of many business houses.

Turtle Beach....The sand and the surf

Image Credits:  Rocking G photography

Image Credits: Rocking G photography

Are you never tired of the sand and the gorgeous sun? Then this is the place for you. There are some pristine beaches in the south- eastern direction of the St. Kitts to spend your leisurely vacation. Turtle Beach is one of the Best Beaches in St. Kitts and Nevis, where you can swim and surf to no end or until you drop on account of exhaustion! When you feel famished after a long swim, visit one of the numerous open- air cafés that serve you a chilled local beer, cool margaritas to quench your thirst. Try out some of the exotic local dishes or some grilled mahi mahi, sitting just a few feet away from the water. They also have local music playing live on Sundays.

Botanical Gardens of Nevis….The perfect outing for your kids

Image Credits :  Pinterest

Image Credits : Pinterest

Enjoy some peaceful 'me' time amidst the tranquility of the Botanical Gardens that preserve as well as showcase different types of tropical animals and plants from all over the globe. When you feel like having a bite, visit the Oasis Restaurant, within the precincts of the garden. It serves some really delicious Thai-inspired food. Alternatively, you can enjoy an Al fresco meal in one of the numerous serene picnic spots around here. Do not miss the gift shop which is again within the premises and provides a great range of souvenirs that you can pick for your loved ones.

Bath House….Get the healing touch

Image Credits: MVEmilyGrace

It is considered as the maiden hotel in the entire Caribbean Islands and is thought to be built way back in 1787 on Nevis so that tourists could stay back and enjoy the volcanic hot springs in the neighborhood. Many feel that the waters of the spring have healing properties. Due to constant volcanic activity under the ground, the temperature of the water sticks to about 107 degrees. So take a dip in the warm waters of this natural Spa and feel rejuvenated if you have been having a busy holiday!

Montpelier House….Drown in the Ultimate luxury

Image Credits: Blouinartinfo

This historic edifice is located within a sugar plantation, which has been existing since the 18th-century. It is a legendary tourist spot in the Nevis Island and was the venue for the wedding of Fanny Nisbet and Admiral Lord Nelson in 1797. The house has also welcomed royal guests like Prince Willliam and his late mother Princess Diana in the past. This historic property has now been converted into a luxury hotel with world-class amenities like a spa, swimming pool and a gourmet restaurant that serves sumptuous meals.

Pinney's Beach….Gorgeous sands, Pulsating Nightlife and fun

Image Credits :  Consulate

Image Credits : Consulate

Imagine a luxurious resort within minutes away from virgin sea beach with four miles of gorgeous sand and warm waters of the Caribbean! Pinney's Beach is one of the best beaches in Nevis and enjoys proximity to Charlestown as well. The beach has several reputed resort properties, restaurants, and beach bars. It is also popular with the visitors and locals for its exciting nightlife. Spend your time snorkeling and swimming in the calm waters of the sea. You can also indulge in other outdoor activities like playing golf, horseback riding and hiking to make the best of your holiday. This beach is also a lot more peaceful then other popular destinations within the islands. If you are just visiting then you can rent loungers easily and spend a day here soaking up the glorious sun and amazing views.

So, these were our top picks in this amazing country and we sincerely hope that we just helped you make up your mind about visiting this jewel in the Caribbean. However, some part of planning is still left and so let us give you details about Visa, how to reach and Where to Stay in St. Kitts and Nevis.

Visa Information

If you are coming from the country which is included in the list of visa waiver then you do not need a visa. You can check the site of their consulate for such information. Everyone arriving in St. Kitts and Nevis must carry a passport with at least one blank page and a return ticket. Visa costs about USD 100 per person and maximum stay initially granted is a month.

How to Reach

By Air: St. Kitts is well connected with the US, UK, Canada and Europe. One can also take plane to San Juan in Puerto Rico which has a very good connectivity and regular flights to St. Maarten in St. Kitts.

By Sea: Taking a cruise ship to St Kitts and Nevis can be an amazing experience. One must note that Nevis is reachable only by boats and ferries that ply between Kitts and Nevis.

Where to Stay

Following are our top picks ranging from budget to luxury and you can explore and book them right here. Of course you can explore more and be assured to get the BEST PRICES across hundreds of sites at one place Click here.

St Kitts Marriott Resort & The Royal Beach Casino

Timothy Beach Resort

Four Seasons Resort Nevis West Indies

Culture House

Bird Rock beach Hotel

St Kitts & Nevis has lots of options to suit every budget. To look at all  the  options, simply type St Kitts and Nevis in the nice little search box on the right. For a more comprehensive choice, you can head straight to our Hotel Search page

So do not wait up and book your next holiday to this exotic destination because dream vacations must not be kept on hold! If you have been to St. Kitts and Nevis then let us know about your experience and if we inspired you to visit this ultimate beach destination, shout out makes us super happy!! So until our next, keep traveling Bohotraveller!

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