The Best South Pacific Spots For An Active Vacation

We had been thinking of covering South Pacific for quite some time. So when Zara approached us to cover this beautiful part of globe, we jumped with excitement. This gorgeous mom of two has covered it all from kayaking in Vanuatu to snorkeling in Amdee island to ziplining in Fiji. So without much ado, over to Zara Lewis on the best south pacific spots 

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South Pacific islands are true jewels thanks to their untouched natural beauties, pristine beaches, vibrant culture and that trademark tropical climate. Considering that there are many stunning beaches, crystal clear waters and untouched forests, these islands are truly great active vacation spots. The majority of tourists visit these islands to have a peaceful and relaxing vacation where they slouch by the water on a beach, but more and more people go there to try new and a bit more adventurous things. That’s why we made a list of best spots in the South Pacific for an active vacation. 

Riri River and Dumbea – canoe and kayak adventures


Riri River is located in Vanuatu. This country is a mix of French heritage and native culture, so you won’t make a mistake should you stay there for a while. And while you’re there, you simply have to take a canoe and explore the stunning Riri River. You’ll be able to see all the spectacles of the green jungle spot, a myriad of exotic birds and various underwater inhabitants. Of course, we recommend going for a swim after the canoe ride because you won’t find a better way to freshen up before the trip ends.

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On the other hand, New Caledonia has some thrilling kayaking in store for you. We highly recommend taking a tour of the Dumbéa River, which meanders its way through the surrounding mineral-rich hills that are a source of some of the best photos you are going to take if you bring your waterproof camera with you. Many refer to this kayaking adventure as a perfect combination of adventure and eco-tourism. If that wasn’t enough to even make you consider this place, do know that you don’t need to be a kayaking pro since the river is quite calm and you’ll most likely have a guide that will be there for you when you witness those stunning eucalyptus forests and the indigenous flora that surrounds the river.

Amedee Island and Mystery Island – snorkeling of a lifetime

Snorkeling at Amdee Island

Amedee Island is a small coral atoll located 18 kilometers south of Nouméa. And this island is best known for its untouched, crystal clear waters. That’s why you need to pack your snorkels and go. Do know that you can try so many different things there, from the glass boat tours of the reef, through sarong tying presentations all the way to the amazing snorkeling sessions. Do know that meeting various underwater species that live in these pristine waters of the South Pacific is something that you’ll want to tell your friends when you get back.

Mystery Island

When it comes to Mystery Island, that’s also a delicious treat you won’t want to skip. This island is an interesting combination of heavenly peace and adrenaline-filled outings. Snorkeling there is something you just have to try since you’ll be able to see exotic fish such as sergeant major, parrot fish and moon wrasse. But that’s not all there is to it. Take your waterproof camera and snap some photos of Christmas tree worms, sea slugs and grey, musk and mustard corals.

Eden on the River and Fiji – unforgettable forest adventures

Forest Adventures in Vanuatu

We’ve already mentioned the amazing Vanuatu but we have to say it again. There is so much to do and try in Vanuatu. This place offers numerous adrenaline-filled activities. And the one you simply have to try is the journey through the magnificent forest of Eden on the River. First, you get to enjoy a scenic drive to this secluded little heaven and you get to cross over the Bridges of Eden and head into the magnificent forest. You’ll get your heart pumping in no time since you’ll be walking over three suspension bridges ranging from 23 to 52 meters long and between two to four meters above the actual river! This is a true challenge and a must-try for all of you who want to experience a proper field trip in a forest.

Fiji Island

But, don’t let the amazing Eden on the River story distract you from another great forest adventure in Fiji. Do know that Fiji is a worthy rival. And now you’ll see why. Your forest adventure in Fiji will get you ziplining through the stunning nature while you’re having the adrenaline rush. That is one way to never forget Fiji. Once you’re done with the zipline, tour guides there will offer you another unique experience – flying over gurgling waterfalls. You’ll cherish that forever, too. Treat yourself to a flight over the amazing waterfalls while enjoying the wonders of the spectacular tropical rainforest. You will be able to see various parrots, butterflies of all exotic colors and kinds along with other tropical wonders that you can’t see anywhere else on the globe.

Getting there

It wouldn’t be surprising if you were already planning your trip through the South Pacific. And that’s why it is worth mentioning a thing or two about the ways of getting there. It is possible to book a flight and head there by a plane. There is a multitude of cheap flight options operated by Virgin Australia and Air Vanuatu. that make getting to Vanuatu easy and affordable. Direct flights are available from Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne to Port Vila, with connecting flights available from the majority of Australian capital cities. All international flights into Vanuatu arrive at the Baurfield International Airport on the island of Efate whihc is located approximately 10 minutes from Port Vila. Taxis and shuttle transfers are available from the airport to nearby resorts around the island.

You may also choose to fly directly to Espiritu Santo. Direct flights by Air Vanuatu from Australia straight to Espiritu Santo are available. The flights depart Brisbane on Monday, Tuesday, Friday and Sunday taking approximately 4 hours. Alternatively, you can fly to Port Vila first and then take a domestic flight transfer to Espiritu Santo . The domestic flights are operated daily and take approximately 50 minutes

From Port Vila , there are flights available to 

Popular routes to Port Vila

Popular routes to Espiritu Santo

Inter-island flights by Air Vanuatu are available from Port Vila to Tanna daily. The flight time is approximately 40 minutes. There is only one flight per day, departing in the morning, except for Thursdays and Saturdays when there are 2 flights daily departing early morning and early afternoon.

If you’d like a more thrilling journey, a cruise is the only right choice for you. Don’t worry, it’s easy to find some affordable last minute cruises that’ll make your dream vacation even better.  

Where to Stay

Vanuatu has numerous options for accommodation. Click here for our tops picks ranging from budget to luxurious options. Alternatively, you can look use the search box give here for a complete list of hotels in Vanuatu


Now that you know what is waiting for you in the South Pacific, what are you waiting for? Some of you are probably already looking for the cruises and packing their bags. It doesn’t matter whether you opt for forest exploration, snorkeling adventure or kayaking, one thing is certain – you are in for a vacation you’ll never forget. The South Pacific is simply put magical.

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