Thessaloniki: This City Needs To Be On Your Bucket List

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Thessaloniki is the second largest city in Greece and capital of Macedonian region here. It is a port city famous for its exotic landscapes, romantic nightscapes, well-maintained architecture,a potpourri of cultures and religions, heritage sites and very friendly people.

A stroll on the cobbled street of Thessaloniki reveals the hidden architecture, dating all the way back to Byzantine period. Despite Thessaloniki's historical significance, it's a popular hot spot among the tourists as a summer getaway and a happening social life.

Popular attractions and places to see in Thessaloniki!

Aristotelous Square

Named after famous Greek Philosopher Aristotle, this square is quite famous on account of its location which is close to the shoreline of the city. It was designed in 1918 and now it is the main hub for recreation. The square is lined by hotels, fast food joints, franchise stores and street entertainers. It also makes a venue for concerts at times. This square draws a lot of crowd, all thanks to the open space it provides with trees-defined streets, entertainment hot spot scattered all over. One can spend hours together shopping around or at the restaurants overlooking the beach or attending the concerts or witnessing the street performers' show here.

Halkidiki Beaches

The fantastic visit to Thessaloniki won't be complete if one doesn't visit the beaches here. For some tourists beaches are the main highlight of their trip. Basking under the sun and lazing on soft sand as nature whispers and sedates you is an experience you take with you from here. The beach stretches for over 400 kilometers (248 miles) and makes one spoilt for choices. From exotic to secluded, Halkidiki boasts of every kind of beach.

Plan a day at beach depending upon your mood and taste. One can kick back, unwind, sun bathe, take a dip, indulge in some beach sports , satiate their hunger by exploring and diving into different cuisines and party… name it and Thessaloniki beaches have it!


It actually means 'Fortress of seven towers', but in reality it features ten towers. It was built in 15th century and is the highest point of the city. Today it is a great example of what was then the second line of defense of the city. It is symbol of splendid history and houses an ancient prison which is now converted into a cultural center.

This heptapyrgion is a collection of several attractions-  from the famous North Wall to the renowned Vlatadon Monastery and beyond the walls, stands the panoramic view of the peak of Mount Olympus. AgiosNikolaos Orphanos, a church within the expansive vicinity of Heptapyrgion, is also labeled amongst the UNESCO Heritage list.

White Tower of Thessaloniki

This imposing structure is the footprint of Ottoman Empire that ruled this region in 16th century. The location of the tower itself is a treat to eyes- standing gloriously on a water front and flanked by lush boulevards on either side, White Tower is a landmark of Thessaloniki. It has six floors and all are accessible by a string of stairs ending right up on a terrace that offers magnificent view of the surroundings.

Meteora- the hanging monastery

Discover the captivating cliff top monasteries of Meteora on a full-day tour from Thessaloniki. With a name that means ‘suspended in the air,’ Meteora is one of the most striking architectural sites in Greece thanks to its sky-high community of Orthodox retreats and many-layered past dating back to prehistoric times. Meteora were built beginning in the 14th century as a place of refuge from encroaching Turkish rule. Today, six of these stone abbeys remain and are collectively listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Make the most out of your time in beautiful seaside Thessaloniki while walking and taking in the tastes of the city. Learn about the history of gastronomy in the city from your local guide and stop to sip a local coffee and then hit up the bustling colorful market where you'll sample everything from local cheeses to cured meats to olives. Visit the buzzing, colorful markets of Thessaloniki, such as Athonos, Kapani and Modiano. Get to know the people of the market and taste excellent products, including high quality cheese and sausages, honey, halva, Turkish delights, fresh fruit, juices, nuts, homemade pies and dishes with secret recipes.

Thessaloniki walking Tour and Gastronomical Experience

How to Reach

By Air: Thessaloniki has an International airport which is well connected with all major cities of the world. This airport has lot of connections from known cities of Greece like Athens, Lemnos, Rhodes and Inoannina too. Find the best flight rates at our Flight Search page.

By Train: There are domestic trains as well as international that connect Thessaloniki with Turkey and Bulgaria. However, traveling by train is not advisable since the they make a lot of stops and the entire network is financially troubled which shows in the service.

By Road: Thessaloniki is well connected with Athens, Volos, Larissa and Patras by bus service operated by KTEL. You can also hire a car and drive from Athens to Thessaloniki by National Road and takes about six hours.

By Sea: There are plenty of ferries and cruises that run in Greece, however they do not operate every day of the week. So check before you go.

Place to Stay

Our top recommendations covering all tastes and budgets are as follows:

Checkout our Hotels search page for the best options to stay at Thessaloniki

So if Greece is next on your bucket list , do not miss this must-do destination in Greece. Thessaloniki has everything a traveler desires- a great atmosphere, rich history and wonderful food!

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