8 Ultimate Tips To Save Money On An Icelandic Holiday!

Talk of Iceland, and all that comes to mind is white expanse of glaciers, a dreamy landscape and a BIG HOLIDAY BUDGET! With all that cold and frigid weather, Iceland is one hot destination for travelers but more than often many people keep away from this awesome place because of that humongous price tag. Well the bad news is that Iceland is costly but the good news is that it can be managed on a small budget. Yes! Here we are giving out tips from real travelers who made it to Iceland and that too without burning a hole in their pockets!

Home Swapping On A Holiday

This tip would save you loads of money right away. The only condition is that you should have a house of your own to swap it with some Icelanders! A fully equipped home would have all amenities that you need in the cold weather of Iceland. A dear friend who visited Iceland on a home swap shares that they ended up getting bikes, tents and even cars of the owners who allowed the use at a fraction of cost! Websites like www.hometogo.com and www.lovehomeswap.com would help you find your dream home swap in Iceland. These sites have vacation homes across Iceland so you can make your bookings according to your itinerary. In fact get in touch with your prospective swap-buddies and take their advice.

Go Shopping!

You would have never guessed but yes, we in our right mind are telling you to shop in Iceland! Alright, it is all about saving on your groceries and there is a chain of supermarket called Bonus which is cheaper than others. So stock up your groceries and cook your own food. In fact, we suggest carrying your own food stuff (non-perishable) and sauces from home if you are not breaching the baggage limit. This will again save you lot of money even if it means carrying that wee bit of extra luggage.

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Duty Free Alcohol

Most of the people who have been to Iceland swear by one tip- buy your alcohol in Duty free before you touch Iceland. The booze is really expensive here and if you cannot live without your poison, then purchase it from the Airport.
Shun the bottled water
Tap water in Iceland is clean and safe for drinking. Carry an empty bottle with you and just fill it on the go. Buying water in Iceland alone can shake up your budget pretty badly!

Buy A Tour

A couple of friends who were in Iceland during this summer season realized that buying a tour came out to be cheaper as compared to doing things independently and individually. Booking accommodation, arranging a car for transportation and then buying tickets for the activity is an expensive affair. But when you book a tour, you are free from hassles of arranging logistics and when you do simple math, even money-wise it comes to a wise decision!
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Go Natural

The best thing about traveling in Iceland is that most of the attractions are out there in the wild and open …and they are free!! Prepare your itinerary around such places- wilderness of highlands, lava fields embracing the smooth hilly terrain, hot water springs (the most notable being Blue lagoon but not free!), active volcanoes, national parks, hot water geysers ! While we are talking about “free and awesome”, we have to mention the world famous dance of light in skies- Northern lights! Iceland is so beautiful that drive around the country is a must do here, you can basically make a stopover just about anywhere unless of course it is a private property.

Camp out

Our advice is to invest in really good outdoor gear and camping equipment when traveling to Iceland. Since it is one of the safest countries to be in, you can actually camp anywhere. It will save you lot of money and give you an opportunity to feel one with the nature. National park and its vast grounds are quite popular when it comes to people camping out. However be sure your camping gear would support the cold and chilly weather of Iceland.

Share The Gas

It is actually a no-brainer but worth a mention. Hiring a car rental is costly in Iceland because gas is quite expensive. But if you have travel buddies amongst whom the gas bill can be shared then nothing like it. Take the ring road and camp where you want and stop where you feel like! Book your car rentals from our car rental engine and own the trip!

So this was Iceland on budget for you. As we mentioned earlier, it is an expensive country but not out of reach if you are a budget traveler. Simple and thoughtful tips like the kind we have given above can save tons of money for you while you romance the Icelandic aura!

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