Top 10 Adventure Travel Destinations You Must Visit in 2018!

Carol, contributor of this piece is a self confessed travel addict. She is fond of the trips because they give her the possibility to see and learn much new, bring excited impressions and emotions, inspire and leave memories for the whole life. This article is her own list of must-visit travel places like popular world points as some secret destinations that are worth to be seen. Thus, she share with you her desired directions for vacations with  "let`s go travel together!"

Beach holidays aren’t for everyone, and if you’re looking for a retreat which will add a few thrilling and exciting experiences to the mix, then there are plenty of locations around the world that will give you the time of your life. Whether you want to explore the sea, discover magical wildlife, or climb hills and mountains, these are ten top destinations which you shouldn’t miss. 

1. Great Wall of China

The Great Wall of China

If  you enjoy trekking, then the number one spot to go should be the Great Wall of China. The Simatai section isn’t overrun with tourists, allowing you to trek in peace. And with steep inclines forcing you to crawl, and mountain ridges perilously thin, it’s an adventure retreat like no other. 

2. Mount Everest

Mount Everest

Lets accept it, Mount Everest is epic! And no don't get breathless as yet,  you don’t have to climb to the top because the foothills offer great adventures and stunning views. You can either go to Nepal or Tibet to make a trip to this place. Both the countries are stunning so you can create an itinerary that takes you around the gorgeous landscapes around. 

3. Galapagos Islands


Situated off the South American coast, these islands have become famous for their unique flora and fauna, some of which you would not find anywhere else in the world. This was the birth place of Charles Darwin’s evolution theory, and you can charter a boat to explore at your leisure. Spend a day lazing around the pristine beaches as the sapphires and azures of the seas lap up to you or go crazy diving as you witness school of Hammerheads, tortoises and marine creatures you don't even know exist!!

4. Great Barrier Reef


The home to Great Whites, Great Barrier Reef is a world in itself! If you’re a fan of wildlife, then there’s nothing quite like exploring Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. Stretching for 1,200 miles, the reef offers giant clams, corals, and beautiful ocean life. You can take glass-bottomed boats to enjoy the scenery, but a far better way of exploring is by scuba diving. And while at it, do not forget to take a sneak peek at world's largest coral!

5. Sahara Desert


Approximately the size of mainland U.S, the Sahara Desert includes Libya, Tunisia, and Algeria. You can use car hire to explore the outer fringes of the desert yourself or utilize tour companies to enjoy camel treks and 4x4 excursions into the desert’s depths. The massive golden sand dunes that turn brilliant orange with sunset is a sight you would not want to miss!

6. Norwegian Fjords

norwedgian fjords.jpg

The Fjords of Norway offer some of the most spectacular sights you’ll see, with mountains reflected in beautiful pristine waters. While you can take a cruise, it’s far better to use ferries moving between coastal towns, offering you the chance to get a much better sea-level view. Best time to go there is during summers but if chills give you thrill then winters might work for you as well!

7. Amazon Rain forest

Amazon Rainforest.jpg

The Amazon Rainforest is a vast area in South America and contributes to 20per cent of the world’s oxygen supply. Amazon cruises, while they sound exciting, can become dull unless you  serenity of forest while gliding on an unending river for days is your thing. However, participating in short excursions for camping and sleeping in hammocks is a thrilling way to experience the forest like never before.

8. Nile Cruises


While we are discussing river excursions, it would be crime not to mention the famous Nile cruises. If you want to adventure through Egypt’s famed Valley of the Kings, Great Pyramids, and the Sphinx, then booking a Nile cruise is ideal. Rafting can be a very exciting addition to your adventure package.

9. Grand Canyon


One of the world’s greatest geological features, the Grand Canyon is a breathtaking sight. While you can simply take a helicopter ride over the canyon or get a bus tour, hiking the vast canyon puts the colors, peaks, and contours into vivid realism. 

10. Iceland


Iceland offers some of the planet’s most alien landscapes, and it’s an adventure playground for outdoor enthusiasts. Climbing glaciers, hiking through foothills and ranging on horseback are all thrilling experiences which will leave you wanting to visit this country time and time again.

So pack your bags, pick your gear and head to the adventure destination which is your kind, the desert, mountains, dive destination.....or may be each one for each month of 2018!

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Carol James is an EssayLab psychology department writer and senior editor. She has MA degree in social sciences and is an excellent specialist in this field. Carol worked with numerous materials on the subject and is eager to share her knowledge with our readers. 

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