An Amazing App that Makes You Your Own Tour Guide And We LOVE IT!


When Konrad Waliszewski, founder of Trip Scout, a super cool city guide app got in touch with us, it was hard to believe that we had been missing out on this amazing and super useful app! This app and what we found was that this app was simply great, easy to use and meant for everybody who travels!

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Trip Scout is already named the top travel app in the US and finds a mention in Wall Street Journal, Travel + Leisure, Forbes and USA Today. It is a must for all those who love traveling and love to do so at their own pace and in their own style. Like I never like to be part of that herd who follows a guide around the city. I am someone who would probably admire Louvre from outside, come back without seeing the Monalisa and then sit in a little-known Bistro or deli serving just the most delish coffee! Yep, if you just loved what I said, then this app is for you. Now to why we are in love with this app!

  • Works Offline: That is a big one because the places Ia sometimes go to, a wi-fi could be the last thing to expect. Besides you know not all places in the world have that advanced touch of technology. So simply download it and use the app wherever, whenever!
  • It is Cheap: How much do you spend on tour guides when you go to new cities? Well, a moolah! Besides my experience is that some of these guides have such heavy local accent, it becomes difficult for me to really understand what they are saying. Well no offence, but this has happened more than once and I can't every time raise my hand and ask for a repetition when in a group. A private guide is just way too costly and if i am on budget, that is one expense i would love to spare. So now with this app, I can be my own tour guide.
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  • Off Beat, Never seen, Never Expected: Now it really is a fact that all guides have a standard beat. So when it comes to places to eat or a cultural tour, they take you to some very standard places that figure at the top of just about any guide-book. Now that is a good thing because they take you to the best-known landmarks but imagine you are missing the actual action where the city actually lives. This app lets you do that! It lets you soak in the city just like any other local and that is what at least I love to do!
  • It Covers your Gizmos: Trip Scout is available both on Android as well as iOS. So head to Google Play or Apple Store to get this app today!

So now that I have touched upon the biggies, let me tell you that the app is free to download and city guides come to you at a super cheap rate of $2to $5. So now get your own Trip Scout app and begin exploring the world like the way you want to!!

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