Valletta- A City That Was Erected in Just 15 Years!

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Valletta- A City That Was Erected in Just 15 Years!

This St. Patrick's Day, we are taking you to a city which is boasts of having the densest concentration of historical edifices! If you are a history buff, Valletta is sure to steal your heart! This is the place for you to get away from the noise and take a stroll to admire the forts, monuments, limestone buildings and churches, essentially a walk in the past! Valletta has a supreme collection of original baroque architecture. There are so many things to do in Valletta that you can never run out of options.  DON'T go to Valletta on a tight schedule and end up leaving that place unexplored. It is packed with history and mystery that is out of this world.  Valletta is the third capital city of Malta and covers an area of about 7491 square kilometers with a population of about 7213. The city is today one of Malta’s main tourist attractions. Valletta was the first ever planned city in Europe; the foundation stone of Valletta was laid in 1565. It also holds the record of one of the quickest scaled city in the world; the entire city was completed in just fifteen years!!  Valletta is a year round holiday destination; the climate is mild, warm and temperate. Even in winters, it is pleasant for a sightseeing vacation.

Valetta points of interest:

Ghar Dalam Cave and Museum....Just not another Museum

Image Credits:

Image Credits:

This museum is a beautiful trace of prehistory where you can explore the history of Maltese island. The museum focuses on native animals that are now extinct in that area. It has a dazzling array of bones and artifacts. You will find fossil bones of dwarf elephants, deer and hippopotamus. The cave is awe-inspiring and atmospheric; you’ll feel you are in a lost world. Between the museum and the cave there is a botanical garden with all the special plants you get to see in Malta and not in your country. Basically, even if you are someone who does not like to pack your holidays with museum trips, this one is a DO NOT MISS because it is so much more than a run-of-the-mill museum.

Malta 5D.....Get that Adrenaline pumped!

Image Credits:  MyDestinationMalta

Image Credits: MyDestinationMalta

Malta 5d is an interactive and exciting way of passing through Malta’s long history and culture within 30 minutes in a very realistic manner. The 5d show makes you experience the real emotion of its vibrant past. The show goes on for thirty minutes with special effects like moving seats, water sprays etc, in a well organized new generation theater. The show is great fun and is perfect for both adults and kids. This one happens to be one of the best things to do in Valetta.

Ta q’ali crafts Village.......Observe, make and shop!

Image Credits:  EverythingsElectric

Image Credits: EverythingsElectric

This craft village is a great place to see and shop for various local crafts such as silver Jewelry, pottery, glass, etc. you can watch the craftsmen blowing and forming glass and it is amazing! All the shops are in old RAF Nissan huts. This is an added bonus because it gives you a crazy shopping experience.  If you are looking to buy souvenirs, this is the place for you. All products are handmade on site and are exquisite; they give you an insight into the history behind them. There is also an aircraft museum on the same site. The best part is watching the artistes and craftsmen working on the handicrafts. The crafts Village also caters for those hunger pangs with a small café/restaurant in the center of the craft village.

Palazzo Parisio and Gardens- the fine Luncheons

Image Credits:  MaltaPrivateGuide

Image Credits: MaltaPrivateGuide

The place is really beautiful with an interesting décor. The gorgeous gardens are kept well maintained and are a riot of colors. This place is also ideal for wedding and parties and is famous for its unique rooms, enchanting pieces of art that adorn them and its surroundings. They have an excellent patisserie and a wide selection of tea. This lavish place and its beautiful gardens are definitely worth a visit, particularly at lunch time. The service and the food are excellent. It has a very beautiful setting and lovely surroundings that are best taken in when the day is still young.

Valetta, Drinks and Views!

Image Credits:  MaltaCultureGuide

Image Credits: MaltaCultureGuide

This is truly a fascinating place to visit and appreciate the natural beauty Malta has to offer. There is a good choice of restaurants all along the waterfront. It is a perfect place to go for a nice meal or a few drinks. Unless it is raining, make sure that you walk along the banks to savor the fantastic views on both sides of the harbor.  The city, lighthouse, ferries will grab your attention and leave you in awe and begging for more. The breathtaking view is not only of the sea but of some very impressive medieval architecture.

Mosta Dome.....Story of a failed Bomb!

Image Credits:  Malta-Turismo

Image Credits: Malta-Turismo

if you are in or around Mosta, there is no avoiding the dome. This beautiful jaw dropping dome is thirty minutes away from Valetta. It has one of the most amazing architecture of all time and is filled with pieces and architecture that depicts art in its finest avatars. It is the third largest dome in Europe. It is famous for having a bomb dropped on it that failed to explode......lucky for us that we now get to see this gorgeous structure. They have a replica of the bomb and you can have your photograph taken next to it.

Blue Grotto...The most Eminent of Malta's!

Blue grotto is Malta’s one of the most famous attraction. The water is incredibly blue in the sunshine with stunning sea caves. It is made for some great photography. Taking a boat ride is definitely recommended as it’s the only way to really see the caves, and if you decide to skip the boat ride for some reason, you can still enjoy the mesmerizing view from a viewing platform beside the main road. But we strongly advise- Don't skip the boat ride!

Gozo....a Different World Altogether

If you are in Malta then do not miss Gozo. It is the second largest of the seven-island chain. The Gozo islands have an abundance of stunning views.  It is more rural than its sister island Malta and has a total population of 31,000.

Things to do in Gozo:

Image Credits:  Mirror.UK

Image Credits: Mirror.UK

Explore Victoria, the capital city around St. George’s basilica area. Gozo is famous for its sun, sand and gorgeous beaches. It has some of the most amazing beaches like Ramla beach, San blas beach and Dahret Gorrot. In summers you can spend your days at the beach without ever getting tired of it. There will be plenty of sun and the water is warm enough to swim (unless you are not a big fan of summers). Make time to visit the famous Ggantija temple. You must also take an afternoon to visit the island between Malta and Gozo, to see the famous blue lagoon.

Mdina holds coast from the southwest corner of the captivating Island of Malta. The walled city Mdina is also known as the silent city because only a limited number of vehicles are allowed within the wall. It is a very beautiful place to visit especially for a romantic date.  There is a very famous café on the east wall of Mdina where you can sit up on the rampart and view a heap of the island in front of you. No Vehicles or Limited Vehicles policy impresses us enough to make the trip! 

How to reach Valetta:

By flight: There are affordable and frequent flight services available for Valletta from the major cities of the world. Malta’s national carrier links Valletta to a number of destinations across Europe and nearby countries too. Airlines like easy jet, jet 2, air Malta, Ryanair, British Airways; fly to and from Malta airport.

By Road: All roads in Malta lead to Valletta. This is a very convenient way of getting to Valletta since the city itself is small, it won’t even take much time. Also, the buses and cars going to Valletta are very frequent; you will not have to wait long for it.

By sea: Dozens of cruise ships dock at Valletta every day. There are regular ferries to Valletta from Genoa, Sicily and Gozo. 

Where to Stay in Valletta:

Valletta offers great options for accommodation that range from budget to luxury. There are plenty of hostels, homestays and hotels. Here are our top picks to stay in Valletta. You may choose from our top picks below! Or you may perhaps simply type Osaka in the nice little hotel search box given here.

For a more comprehensive list, you may head straight to our Hotel Search page

Wander the streets of Valletta and explore its villages, it has got stories that will keep you intrigued. There are many cultural attractions too. It’s a very beautiful place and that will truly offer you an amazing experience. The place is very safe and the crime rate is low. The food is absolutely lip smacking and consists of the fresh produce from the island! So do make your St. Patrick's day special this year and head to these awesome islands and get yourself some sun, sand, ocean and history!!


Following are the tours we have hand picked for you to make your visit to valletta a memorable one.

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