16 Seemingly Important Things That You Should Never Pack

Everyone seems to be obsessed with what to pack for travel and so are we….after all our e-book is all about those tips to pack, how to pack complete with a full-fledged checklist! So it was high time we gave you a list of things that are better left home. Now there are many reasons why we are putting this list together for what not to pack and the reasons are laid below for you:
Reason 1: Some items simply weigh a ton! You don’t want to carry an elephant around…
Reason 2: We all hate spills and stains….and some things do just that!
Reason 3: Legally disallowed items…unless you love talking to Airport security and cops!
Reason 4: Plain un-necessary load…
With reasons enumerated already, let us get into sensible-packing mode and trash out the vices of packing!

1.  Belts

Belt-fetish is something you should come out of when travelling. If you are holidaying one casual belt with neutral colour is all you need (In fact carry well fitted bottom wear so that you don’t need one dummy!). And if unfortunately it is a workeisure trip, then make do with one well thought leather belt and avoid carrying any casual ones. Seriously who needs them anyways!


2. Shirts and tops

Read on….we don’t mean you leave all your clothes home. Most of us tend to shop or at least collect those souvenir shirts from the holiday destinations. This means pack less at home and leave some space in your bag to get the shopped items back. It is sometimes a good idea to check the shopping scene in your intended destination because some tourist spots give you great bargain with clothes that not even cost a dollar! Besides your destination is most likely to have the most suitable clothes for the climate there so it makes sense to shop while holidaying!


3. Jeans

Taking more than one pair of jeans is a sin in the book of smart packing. The beauty about denims is they look better rugged and dirty so you don’t even have to wash them!!


4. Coats and jackets

They are heavy and they take too much of space. Our advice is to leave them or replace them all with one or two thin cotton cardigans. If you are travelling in winters then wear one while travelling and if you must, then keep one in the luggage. That’s it do not even look at those reds, yellows, greens….i mean you are not going for a fashion parade!


5.  Shoes

Spare your footwear when travelling. You do not need every kind to go with you. We recommend carrying a pair of stylish flats because they are not only comfortable to walk in but are in vogue as well. Also a right design goes with every kind of clothing and occasion. Leave stilettos home unless there is a very compelling reason to take them ….like your plans to take up a salsa class! Sneakers take a lot of space but if you expect heavy duty walking then it is advisable to carry them. Those heavy boots are also very terrain specific so unless you are going for a long hike, leave them home to rest.


6.  Scarves

Scarves are so breezy, so light and damn stylish. But that does not mean you hoard tens of them while travelling! The thing about packing is that you will fill up the entire space thinking that “this thing hardly takes any space”,  so just keep one scarf and yes….leave the hats because you will get one everywhere you go.


7.  Undergarment overload

Unless you are off to your honeymoon, go low on your undies stock. If you are off only for a week, carry a few disposables which will ensure that while coming back you have a wee-bit of additional space. Otherwise five should be a lady’s number! Why? Two for a day and another one day for them to dry up so that your pair of first day is ready for reuse on the third day. One extra….just in case. So that is the theory behind magic number five. Carry two bras of your choice and make sure at least one has detachable straps. For guys, carry vests only if required (usually it is not required!).


8.  Eatables

Unless you are carrying an infant along, avoid carrying eatables like bread, butter, cheese, jams and jellies (Don’t give me that look, I have seen people carrying them). When you are going to be on the road find out if the highway has eateries and diners along. It is a great idea to call up your hotel and check if specific eatables are available at the destination or the hotel. And those who love their spices- you will not die without them so seriously try the authentic dishes of your holiday destination instead of trying to make everything taste like home-cooked food!


9.  Toiletries

This one is not for those who are on medicated lotions or have to use a specific product due to skin sensitivity. Others should just try to carry their toiletries for the duration on transit. Ones you arrive buy it or mostly your hotel would provide it.


10.  Towels

Carry the thin cotton ones that are not full size. Such towels take less space and dry within the fraction of time!


11.  Maps & Guides

Either download an app to help you around a city or just take copies of relevant pages. Another option is to take pictures of the pages you think you will need and save them on your phone. Simple, efficient!


12.  Anything that looks or feels like weapon

Because it is illegal to take things that are highly inflammable or can explode on board a plane. Even a knife can put you in trouble. Guns are obviously a big no-no. I remember I had to unpack my bags to show security guys my son’s toy gun. Also, on my recent trip I was not allowed to take a volleyball unless it was deflated completely…..something related to pressure issues in air I guess.


13.  Anything that flows can be a MESS:

Avoid lotions, oils and nail paints including nail paint remover. Of the three, oils are the god of mess. A little leakage can spoil your entire luggage and I have seen it happen…not a pretty sight!


14. Your precious precious

You know it is best if people at your holiday destination do not know that you come from money. So avoid carrying and wearing that hundred carat diamond ring! Jokes apart, leave your expensive belongings at home and bring something semi precious which does not burn a hole in your pocket in case it is lost or you get mugged.


15. Gadgets and electronics

Seriously you are on a holiday or what! I never appreciate people hooked to their devices when holidaying; even my kind who write for living. Simply carry your smart phone and that is more than enough to take care of most of your needs and for you to make notes. Worst thing about electronics is their chargers and cables that take a ton of space in your luggage and also weigh a ton! So leave them behind, trust us the world will keep turning without you being in touch with it!


16. Emotional Baggage

Anger, frustration, worry- these things wear you down. They not only burden your soul but cloud your thinking. So next time when you decide to travel, do yourself a favour- junk these things! Remember- shit happens in life and it may happen during your travel too. You can't let that ruin your holiday can you? The following zen like mantra will help you handle any worry that may be nagging you down. Say this to all your negative feelings

Now that we have given you list of things that you should not pack, you must be wondering what should you actually pack. Worry not! This nice little infographic that we have co produced with Rebateszone will tell you how to pack the right way.

Packing Tips: How To Pack The Right Way

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