SPOOK FEST- The Most Haunted Tourist Destinations in the World

Some quests are not for those who are weak at heart and this sojourn with the dark side is one such adventure. Writing, researching and talking to travellers who had been to these places left me with just a night to put this entire piece together. By then I was soooo spooked that I hid under my blanket until the sun rose. Having said that let me also admit that I am a Bohotraveller at heart so I might actually wear my spook shoes and head to these super scary but exotic locations.


1. Bhangarh Fort, Rajasthan, India



This place has the honour of being the most haunted place in India and if you know India, it is quite a big country with lots of stories and folklore! Usually you would not find a lot of crowd here, one reason being it is still not widely known and second, people like to keep away from places that are as hauntedly famous as Bhangarh is. Locals will tell you tales of people who went inside the fort in the night never to be seen thereafter. Scared already? Even Archaeological Survey of India has put up a board here telling tourists to keep away from the ruins between sunsets to sunrise. However, the fort is also an example of India’s rich heritage and brilliant architecture. There are four gates, numerous temples and a dilapidated market belonging to the glory years around 1573 when this fort was built. 

Where to Stay: Now you can stay either at Alwar which is 89 Kilometres or Jaipur which is 83 Kilometres from Bhangarh.

Alwar: Neemrana Fort PalaceMGB HotelsSariska Tiger Heaven. Click here for options to stay in in Alwar.

JaipurUmaid Bhavan Heritage House HotelRambagh PalaceITC Rajputana and Chokhi Dhani resort. For more on places to stay and bookings in Jaipur click here.

While you are in Jaipur, do take a peek into the rich Indian heritage and culture in this land of Maharajas by booking a full day tour of Jaipur. If your are short on time, just visit the Hawa Mahal, Jantar Mantar and Amber fort.

How to reach:

By Road: Approximately four and half hours from New Delhi. You may want to rent a car

By Train: From Delhi to Sadulpur Junction. You have to hail a taxi to Bhangarh which is about 42 kilometers (26 Miles) from Sadulpur.

By Air: You need to take plane to Jaipur, the capital city of the State of Rajasthan. From Jaipur Bhangarh is 85 Kilometres and can be reached by a cab. Click here for flight bookings


2. The Beechworth Lunatic Asylum, Beechworth, Australia



Many of those movies that have a haunted Asylum in the backdrop come alive as you negotiate the quiet and eerie corridors of the Beechworth Lunatic Asylum. Also, known as Mayday hills hospital this former psychiatric facility sits atop a hill outside Victoria in a chilling stillness. A few amongst the people who have visited this place claim to have seen the (dead) matron of this hospital appearing out of thin air and vanishing in a blink. If a door swings open on its own….. better run and don’t wait to hear that blood curdling scream which is apparently common here. But if all this is what you dig, then do not miss the ghost tour!

Where to StayBeechworth on BridgeAlbertines BeechworthCarriage Motor Inn Beechworth.

For more options to stay in Beechworth and bookings, click here.

How to reach:

By Road: 276 Kilometres from Melbourne that would take approx 2 hours 45 minutes to cover or 612 Kilometres from Sydney which will take a neat 7 hours at least! Click here to check out car rental options.

By Train: V-line train service from Melbourne to Wangratta Railway station. Thereafter, you will need to take another coach service to take you to Beechworth.

By Plane: Regular Domestic flights from Melbourne and Sydney to Albury airport. From there a bus transfer is available on Monday and Friday to Beechworth.

Click here for travel booking .


3. Chateau de Chateaubriant, Chateaubriant, France



This grand Chateau definitely impresses those who set their eyes upon it. However ones you know a little bit more about its dark past that has trailed to its present, the castle might not look so damn impressive after all! This place is considered the home of spirits of Francoise de Foix, his wife Jean de Laval and her lover- King Francis I. Many claim to have seen a royal procession descending into the castle as it disappears right in front of the eyes. Of course to witness all this, you have to dare to stay around the castle in the night. We obviously support the “night stay” part.

Where to Stay: Hotel Ibis BudgetL'Etape du SoirLa Marmoire

Click here for more on places to stay and bookings around Chateaubriant.

How to Reach:

By Road: 356 Kilometres drive from Paris via A11 and A81. Hire a car to this spooky destination

By Train: Regular trains from Montparnasse to Chateaubriant.

By Air: You can take plane to Nantes which is 70 Kilometers from Chateaubriant or Rennes which is 58 Kilometres from here. Click here for flight bookings.


4. The Stanley Hotel, Estes Park, Colorado, US



This one figures in the most haunted hotels in the world, so obviously it made to our list of spook fest! The hotel is believed to be haunted by the spirits of original owner F.O Stanley and his wife. It was built in early 1900’s and catered to rich and famous crème de la crème of those times. The elite list includes the likes of Theodore Roosevelt and Royalty of Japan. Cut to this day, guests claim to have seen the ghosts of F.O Stanley especially in the lobby and Billiards room. You may miss him but missing his wife is difficult considering she is particularly fond of playing the big piano in the main area. If you want to experience the best of spooks, book yourself in room number 407 or 418. BTW, write to us if you do!

Where to Stay: Stanley Hotel of course! Other top picks from us are Murphy’s ResortSilver Moon InnBest Western Plus Silver Saddle.

For more on places to stay at Estes Park , click here.

How to Reach:

By Road: From Denver a drive over 106 Kilometres by Highway 36. You can also access Estes Park from Denver via Highway 66 which has a distance of 114 Kilometres .

By Train: Take an Amtrak passenger to nearest Railway station Granby and thereafter Greyhound Bus service to Estes Park.

By Air: Take flight to Denver International Airport thereafter Greyhound Bus service to Estes Park.

While you are at Colorado do check out these other awesome activities to add spark to your holiday


5. The RMS Queen Mary, California



Here we bring you the original ghost ship! This luxurious ocean liner was built in 1939 and is docked in Los Angeles, California now. It is open to tourists and people looking for a unique experience of dining and staying on a ship without actually sailing out to the sea. But there is something more that gets tourists thronging this colossal giant- the haunting. Dead sailor, a woman in white and spirits of children who drowned in its pool are believed to roam its long empty corridors to this date. Get face to face with its frightening reality by booking a tour at night in this ship. See if you can last that long! Long Beach has other exciting attraxtions as well. Check them outhere.

Where to Stay: Queen Mary HotelBest Western of Long beachHotel Maya by Hilton or Marriott Long beach. Check out other options to stay at Long beach here

How to reach:

By Road: There is public transport within Los Angeles city that can take you to Long beach.

By Train: You can take El De Metro’s blue line to reach the Long Beach train station.

By Air: Take flight to Long Beach Airport. There are flights from Mc Carren, Salt Lake CitySan FranciscoSeattle and Oakland.

While you are at Long beach we highly recommend the Long beach whale watching cruise. Depending on the migration season, you'll catch sight of Pacific gray whales or blue whales, and you may also glimpse fin, humpback, minke and killer whales, aka orcas, year-roun. It costs about $ 30 per person. 


6. Christchurch Priory, UK



From ghost hunters to tourists, everyone comes to Christchurch priory to take back a piece of their own experience with the haunting. We must say not everyone is disappointed! Right from the time of its construction in 11th Century many bizarre and scary tales have been floating in the air. It seems the originally intended location of its construction was a few miles away from where it is today. However, when the workers reached they found that all the material had been mysteriously transferred to the present site. Just imagine if this is the beginning of the story, how it would have progressed thereafter. A lot of people have reported paranormal activities and ghostly figures around the graves here. Try a stay and you might have a story for a lifetime!

Where to Stay: The Cumberland HotelRamada Encore Bournemouth and Hotel Wessex.

For more option on places to stay and bookings at Bournemouth, click here . 

How to reach:

By Road: Rent a car and if you are coming from London then take Motorway 3 whereas from interiors you need to take A34 roadway. London to Dorset is about 198 Kilometres and can take about two and a half hours of travel time.

By Train: Trains from London’s Waterloo station run to Dorset rail head and take around three and a half hours to reach.

By Air: You need to take a plane either to London or Southampton and thereafter it is either road or rail!

Click here for other exciting things to do while you are in Bournemouth. We highly recommendWarner bros studio tour- Making of Harry Potter and a tour of world's oldest University- Oxford.


7. Tao Dan park, Vietnam



This gorgeous park is located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City and is spread over 24 acres of lush green expanse. So while this park has a very lively atmosphere with a lot of locals coming here to take a break and get a breath of fresh air, a story of its haunting keeps most of them away after evenings. The story goes that a brutal assault of a couple took place here in 1989. It ended with murder of the young man. Another account talks about a young man getting robbed of his bike and eventually getting murdered for the same. Park authorities deny all the accounts. We however would like to do our own little investigation. Besides we are quite taken by the gardens!

Where to Stay: Hotel Nikko SaigonPark Hyatt Saigon and Hotel Liberty Central Saigon Center.

Click here for more hotel  in Ho Chi Minh. 

How to reach:

By Road: It is a long route from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City- 1750 Kilometers (1087 Miles) that is! It would easily take about 28-30 hours. If you must travel by road then our recommendation is to plan your trip on wheels entirely as you would be essentially covering North to South of entire Vietnam while commuting from Hanoi to Ho Chi Minh City.

By Train: Vietnam Railways has four trains going to Ho Chi Minh from Hanoi, that on average take about nine hours to reach. There are various grades of seats and berths available at variable price, so you can take your pick!

By Air: Frequent flights ply between Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City and take 2 hours to reach the destination.


While you are at Ho Chi Minh, don't forge to take the Mekong River Cruise tour and full day city tour of Ho Chin Minh City .


8. Catacomb, Paris, France

If descending into an underground tunnel that is home to millions of human skulls (and thus same number of dead people) is not your idea of a great adventure then keep away from the famous Catacombs of Paris. Under the most romantic city in the world lies a world of dead with hundreds of miles of tunnels and quarries all lined up with human bones. It seems around the latter half of 1700’s, there was dearth of graves and so these underground quarries were opened to the burial of dead. Many graves were also relocated to these catacombs following the orders of the government at that time. Today only small part of catacombs is open to public however illegal entry to other parts is rampant. There have been instances of people throwing parties in catacombs- loud music, lot of booze and all this…of course illegally! You can book you tour to Catacombs tour here.

Where to Stay: Best Western Nouvel Orleans MontparnasseParis Marriott Rive Gauche Hotel &Conference Centerand Hotel Du Main. Click here for more options to stay in Paris.

How to reach: We are giving details about legal entry into Catacombs now!

By Road: Paris Bus lines 38 and 68 pass by Catacombs. If you are driving then nearest parking is available at Saint- Jacques Boulevard.

By Train: Take Metro (tube) to Denfert Rochereau Metro station which is just across the entrance to Catacombs.

By Air: A no brainer here- take a plane to Paris, will you!

Make the most of your stay in Paris by taking a day tour from Paris to visit the three most famous chateaux of the Loire Valley: beautiful Chenonceau Castle, privately owned Chateau de Cheverny and, perhaps most magnificent of them all, the Chateau de Chambord. Also, you may enjoy amemorable night out in Paris by combining a visit to the Eiffel Tower and Seine River cruise with a cabaret show at the Moulin Rouge. 


9. Forbidden City, China




Sitting with a regal air in the precincts of bustling city of Beijing there is nothing intimidating or horrifying about the Forbidden City, but that is just a façade. This place is over 600 years old and is alive with the spirits of those who were killed here by royal guards on royal orders. The palace is off limits in the night. But the air is rife with spook stories of women weeping and animals running across the empty alleyways. Only you cannot see them! Shit scary!! Book your private tour to the Forbidden City now!

Where to Stay: Sheraton Beijing DongchengRosewood Beijing and Super 8 Beijing Majiapu Jiaomen. There are other options to stay in Beijing too. Click here to find out.

How to reach:

By Road: You can take bus to Forbidden City bus station. Taxis are also easily available to get you here. 

By Train: Take a sub-way line to reach either Tiananmen East Station or Qianmen Station and look for Meridian gate which is the entrance to Forbidden City.

By Air: Plane to Beijing is all you need! Click here for flight bookings.

While you are at Beijing, we recommend visiting two of China’s most famous sites - the Ming Tombs and the Great Wall at Mutianyu .


10. Achill Island, Ireland



The spectacular beauty of Achill Island brings a lot of tourist crowd to this picturesque venue. However more than the charm, it is the ghoulish folklore that catches the curiosity of visitors ones they are here. There is a whole village of about 100 cottages in Slievemore slope, all abandoned. They date back to medieval times and walking through this ghost village is nothing less than surreal. Historians believe that this place was abandoned owing to widespread famine that threatened the lives of people living in this area in 1845. If you are old school history buff, try and make it to the annual Archaeological field school held here. BTW those who have visited here warn against camping in these areas in the night….we are not giving it much of thought though!


Where to Say: Achill Sound Hotel. For more on places to stay and bookings, click here.

How to reach:

By Road: It is about 294 Kilometres from Dublin and takes over four hours to reach. However, you will be covering a super scenic route across the breadth of Ireland from East to West coast! You may want to rent a car to enjoy this journey. Alternatively, there is a national bus service named Bus Éireann that runs buses via Achill.

By Train: You can hop on a train from Dublin to Claremorris and then take the road.

By Air: Nearest Airport is Ireland West Airport Knock which is 97 Kilometres away from Achill. Click here for travel bookings.


11. Kolmanskop, Namibia



From one abandoned village to other, we sure know how to hop! Kolmanskop is one town that actually gives you chill the moment you set your foot upon the desert sands here. It seems 50 years back it was a thriving town where rich diamond traders and miners had settled. As the diamonds became scarce the 700 residents of this area packed up and moved to greener pastures. Result? A ghost town that is now being claimed by sand. The eerie silence coupled with strong gust of winds is all you hear here. So though there are many ghost stories about dead miners haunting Kolmanskop, even without them this place evokes that chill factor.


Where to Stay: Nest Hotel Lüderitz . For more on places to stay and bookings, click here.

How to reach:

 By Road: It is about 795 Kilometers (494 Miles) from Swakopmund and takes almost 11 hours to reach by C14 highway. Car rentals are easily available for hire.

By Train: There is train station in Kolmanskop but much like everything else here, it is abandoned. That leaves you with Colonial rail station at Lüderitz.

By Air: Nearest Airport is Lüderitz and from there one needs to hire a car.Click here for flight bookings.

Dont forget to experience the rare and rugged beauty of the Namibian Desert  while you are at Swakppmund.


12. Bram Stoker’s Castle, Transylvania, Romania



It would have been a Blasphemy to leave this one out while putting together a spook-fest list. But let us make a few things clear right at the outset. Though this place has been associated with Dracula and vampires, history shows no such connection. Sorry, we played the spoilsport! The only connecting point seems to be the eerie similarity between the Dracula’s castle that Bram Stoker described in his novel and the Transylvania castle (also known as Bran Stoker castle)  where a noble man Vlad-the Impaler lived in 1400’s. However, Bram Stoker probably had no idea about this castle in his living life! Talk about spook tales and how they travel! We must admit though that this Vampire connects Vlad connects Dracula is the theme that has been capitalized by the tourism here. By the way people do say that they can hear the screams of departed souls who had been imprisoned and tortured by Vlad in this very castle. About that, why don’t we take the trip?


Where to stay: Hotel Casa WagnerRamada Hotel and Kronwell Brasov. For more on places to stay and bookings in Brasov, click here.

How to Reach:

By Road: Bram Stoker’s Castle is 174 Kilometres from Bucharest and would easily take over two and half hours to reach via DN(national highway)1/ E60. If you are coming by bus, you will have to alight at Brasov and from there local conveyance will need to be hired.

By Train: Take a train to Gare De Nord, Brasov. From there you will find a number of buses and cabs on hire to take you to the Castle. Castle is about 29 Kilometres  away and takes half an hour to reach.

By Air: There are three Airports in Transylvania region-

Cluj: 279 Kilometres from Brasov and you would need to either take train or cab.

 Sibiu: 155 Kilometres from Brasov and thereafter a cab or train to Brasov.

Targu Mures: 175 Kilometres from Brasov and thereafter a cab or train to Brasov. Click here for travel bookings.

Hope you liked our post on the most Haunting Tourist destinations around the World. Inspired to get spooked? If so, click here to book your flight tickets. For more of such awesome posts straight in your inbox subscribe to our newsletters. If you want us to cover any other little known destination do contact us. We will be more than happy to hear from you.

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