10 Things to do in Turkmenistan

We had recently posted a blog on 14 reasons to visit Turkmenistan. We never imagined we would get such an awesome response from our readers.  Many readers had a lot of questions too and so on popular demand we are back with some more info on this fascinating country. Read on for a quick bite on ten things to do in Turkmenistan, essential travel gear and some real valuable piece of advice while you are at Turkmenistan.

1. Pay a visit to Satan at “Door to hell”- a burning gas deposit that has been burning since last 44 years;

2. Ride a Akhal Teke horse- they are world famous for their breed and strength;

3.  Try Pilav and Kebabs here- they are mouth watering good! The cuisine here has lot to offer, so just eat!

4. A tea laced in herb and having dry fruits- yes that is Turkmen’s green tea!



5. Take a dip in the soothing waters of underground cave lake at Baharly;

6. Walk around the city, it is free and the monuments and buildings you will get to see while doing this would be astonishing!

7. Live with local tribes in their sparse huts (Kurts) and cattle while soaking in some rustic air!

8. Walk in the corridors of ancient ruins, some dating back to “Before Christ “era.

9. Visit the UNESCO Biosphere reserve at Repetek natural reserve for the desert scenes that would redefine your desert experience!

10. Make way to Tolkuchka Basar- the largest market of Ashgabat that combines the scenes of a flea market and local trade fairs!

With this list and our more detailed account on 13 reasons why Turkmenistan has to be on every Bohotraveller’s wishlist, let us get a close look at the weather and climate of Turkmenistan. After all good weather is important for pleasure of the ride!

Weather Overview

Turkmenistan has a weather that defies extreme and this is the case through the year. Days in deserts can be really hot whereas by dusk the entire country cools down enough for tourists to need light woollens in the night. Winters are harsh and snow is expected in the desert region. Avoid June to August period that witnesses the harsh summer heat. Months of December and January are again really cold so step on the Turkmen land only if you are comfortable with the minus side of weather thermometer! February to May and September to November are ideally the best months to visit Turkmenistan.

The 12 Month outlook*

* The temperature is average for Ashgabat. Actual temperature can be more extreme particularly in the desert region.

* The temperature is average for Ashgabat. Actual temperature can be more extreme particularly in the desert region.


Recommended Travel clothing

No matter which month of the year you are going to Turkmenistan, make sure you have enough hats and scarves to protect yourself from the glaring sunshine. If you are traveling around winter season, pack in heavy woolens because in some parts of the desert you can experience temperature as low as -15 degrees Celsius. Breezy cotton clothes in light shades are recommended if you are traveling during the onset of summer season. Do carry shrugs and stoles since the nights in Turkmenistan are quite pleasant and cool even during summer season. Do checkout the menswear and womens wear sections of our travel store to buy essential stuff for your travel.

Good quality shades are a must for all seasons. Invest in good desert shoes to give some love and comfort to your feet while treading the sands. Sunscreen lotions and moisturizersare a must to save your skin from the cinder burning heat and dry weather.

Other Things to Keep in Mind

  1. Carry your identification at all times as the police carries out random checks.
  2. Avoid talking politics as it is frowned upon.
  3. Do not venture out after 11 pm it there is a curfew which is applicable to foreigners too.
  4. You are required to have a travel guide outside the capital's limits.
  5. Turkoman Rugs also called Bokhara rugs are world famous for their design and beauty.You may want to buy one of those.
  6. For LGBT visitors- Homosexual activities is prohibited and illegal
  7. Unless married , two individuals of opposite sex are NOT allowed to share a hotel room.

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