7 Useful Travel Gadgets I Swear by!

Our friend Fabio from London is a Digital Marketer and an avid blogger who runs his own blogs http://fabmeetsworld.com/ and http://www.letstalk-tech.com/. Apart from the hardcore tech stuff, it is travel and food that Fabio absolutely loves. In fact he left his job to chase his dream of travelling around the world! Fabio presently operates his blogs and is a successful freelance digital marketer for small businesses. Here he talks about 7 essential gadgets that are his companion on every trip. So dive in!

The gadgets you’ll always find in my travel backpack

Take a peek into my backpack whenever I go travelling and you’ll inevitably find a bunch of gadgets. What can I say? I’m a geek and tech blogger, so I’m used to having my gizmos handy. From iPad Air which provides entertainment on long journeys, to my battery packs that keep my devices juiced up on the go, I always like to make sure I’ve packed the essentials. Scroll down and you’ll find 7 of the things I consider gadget essentials. I carry plenty of other cool gadgets too – one of them is a bottle opener with a built-in charging cable for example – but the graphic I’ve designed covers only the things I always have to take with me.


So this was my list of Gadgets! How many of them do you take too, and are there any gadgets I’ve missed out? Let me know in the comments!

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