Hunter Valley: Ultimate Feast To Your Senses

For the residents as well as travellers in Sydney, Hunter Valley is a great escape from the madness of a metropolitan city to a peaceful countryside. Hunter valley is home to some of the most amazing wineries and this place offers serenity nestled in the lap of nature. Hunter valley is a region of New South Wales Australia, extends just about 126 km to 310 km touching North Sydney. This place is amongst the must-see tourist attractions in Australia and I am going to tell you why!

Because it is all wine, dine and some quiet!

It is a unique combination of the feeling of quiet country charm and tasting finest Australian wines with top quality cuisine. It is the leading wine growing district in Australia. I have been there twice, my first trip was when I got married and the second time with my cute son Aryan in my arms. In this article, I will share experience of both of my visits which were incredibly amazing.  By now you would have realised that I am really in love with the place and it keeps calling me again and again.

The Gardens, Wildlife and Mortar

So beautiful like a dream

So beautiful like a dream

Hunter Valley is full of historical architecture, beautiful theme based gardens, interesting museums a rich wild life experience in a national park, beautiful churches and the most scenic golf Course I have ever seen! The enchanting journey begins within just two hours' drive from Sydney. The path towards hunter valley is equally scenic and beautiful. It is a major tourist destination in New South Wales and is the 6th most visited place in Australia. It attracts more than 2.5 million people annually. I have named this place “calendar valley” because wherever you turn your camera, a picture worth the calendar can be captured!

Wedding photo shoot

Wedding photo shoot

It has 10 theme based gardens, most notable being Oriental Garden, The border garden, The Indian Mosaic garden, The Rose garden, The Formal garden, The lake Walk and the most amazing Storybook Garden with a great restaurant. When we first visited this place we got the opportunity to see a church wedding and the post wedding photo shoot was going on in the wedding chapel which is near shopping village. The whole experience was awesome and so was the newly wedded couple. After seeing the photo shoot, I told my husband that I wanted to get married again but this time in a Church!. Hunter Valley gardens are so beautiful that they make for the most famous destinations for weddings and other functions.  You can easily book these gardens for your family functions or for your own wedding to make your moment extraordinary and unforgettable.

On our second visit to hunter valley we enjoyed story garden a lot because my son liked it very much.  As you enter the story book garden you can hear all the beautiful rhymes of your childhood with Characters coming alive within the garden precincts. You really feel that you are in your childhood wonderland.  You can also click the beautiful pictures with your favourite characters.  Hunter valley has more than 8 km of walking paths and over 24 tranquil hectares.  

Note : Gardens are daily open from 9 AM to 5PM.

Everything you want to Know about Wines

Hunter valley is a paradise for wine lovers. It is an Australian premier wine growing district.  It is Also Known As Wine County and has played a pivotal role in the history of Australia, at the same time it has also become a significant element in the local economy in the tourism industry.  Hunter valley is the first wine region planted in the early 19th century. Here you can discover everything about wines.  You can do wine tours, wine tasting tours and explore the wineries closely. They also have wine festivals here.  While visiting hunter valley we also did the wine tour. First they showed us how they grow the produce and raw material. Then we saw the wine making and store area where they keep the wines in wooden barrels. We got to taste 10 different wines in 2 different wineries. During the tour they also told us the right way of going about wine tasting. It was a great experience and something I would cherish for life. You can take home Shiraz, Chardonnay, Cabernet sauvignon and Verdelha that are the most famous wines here in hunter valley.

Home to some of the best wines in the world

Home to some of the best wines in the world

The Mmmmm time- Chocolate Factory

Hunter Valley has a beautiful small chocolate factory. These handmade chocolates taste like a piece of heaven. We saw the process of making chocolate and even tasted two to three variety of chocolates. We bought small slabs of chocolates for our friends and family and they loved them as well!

 Adventures in Hunter Valley

This place is surrounded by untouched natural landscape and beautiful scenery where you can go for bush walking, wheel drive and mountain biking. To add some more adventure you can also take a hot air balloon flight.  In my opinion, the perfect way to experience the Hot Air Balloon flight over the hunter valley is at sunrise. It is the most unbelievable experience as you float over the lovely vineyards while getting a perfect view of Sun rising over the. If moolah is what you want to spend on a splendid experience and want to live your life king size then you should take a luxury luncheon helicopter tour and fly over the famous vineyards.

Art and Craft

You can also find out contemporary and traditional art and craft. There are many galleries full of antique art and crafted pieces.  Some of the galleries are located in the wineries and some others you can discover them along the way.

Where to Stay in hunter Valley

Hunter valley gives you a wide range of places to stay for every style and budget from major resorts to cherished guesthouse in the region of Pokolbin. They are very modern with five-star facilities yet maintain the colonial style and have old world aura to them. Most of them are renovated from old mansions and cottages.
Bohotraveller recommends:
Crowne Plaza
Chateau Elan At the Village
Leisure Inn Pokolbin Hill
Wine Country Motor Inn
Hotel Cessnock
Vine Valley Inn

Hunter valley is very rich in flora and fauna with unlimited things to do. It is one of the most beautiful sites in Australia. Every time I think of Hunter valley it reminds me of the calendar pictures of my childhood where every month a beautiful picture of amazing lands and parks adorned the walls. As I sit and put this piece together, well the valley beckons again and I might make it back there....yet again!

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