Did you know Maldives has a 100% man-made Island.....and more!

Maldives is a stunning archipelago in Indian Ocean and a tropical paradise for those who lust after some glorious sun and sultry sands! Though, for long Maldives have been considered to be the playground of rich and famous but trust us, there are ways we lesser mortals can have a great holiday in this part of the world. And why not, we are the real travellers!! With an ocean line this magnificent, Maldives have a plenty of water activities to indulge in. But there is more to Maldives- a unique 100% man-made island, island hopping to uninhabited islands (nothing beats this), underwater trip in a submarine and really rich local culture.
For this piece, we collaborated with Maldive Tours, a popular tour operator and agency in Maldives who can fix up just about anything you fancy on your beach holiday to this awesome destination. Here they share their top picks of things to do in Maldives, which will just blow your mind!

1. Drop beneath the waves in a submarine

Want to explore the depths of those sparkling blue waters but diving is not really your thing? Well Maldives is the place where you will get a taste of underwater heaven without the scary part! Yes, divers and non-divers alike will love this alternative way to get underwater and see life under the waves- A SUBMARINE! Docked a short distance from Malé, large windowed ‘whale’ submarine with comfortable seating gives a unique perspective on the local coral reefs. It’s particularly a popular activity in Maldives for children, though adults get just as excited. Submarine is the best way to witness vibrant marine life and underwater landscape of Maldives.

Submarine for a rendezvous with Maldives' marine life 

Submarine for a rendezvous with Maldives' marine life 

2. Explore the Addu Atoll

Addu Atoll

Addu Atoll

Beautiful Addu Atoll located in the southernmost tip of Maldives island groups, is a Divers’ heaven. Here, the underwater world is alive with vast variety of colorful coral which is best in the country. A unique opportunity for bikers to zoom on a modern road linking Gan's Equator Village resort to the Maldives' second city of Hithadhoo is again something one would cherish for a long time.

3.  Go shopping for local produce

Many resorts offer day trips to islands where you can usually visit local artisans in their workshops and buy some of the beautiful local arts and crafts. Malé also has several markets of fresh and wholesome food produce for those wanting to sample local fare. These visits are a great way to observe local lifestyle and those tiny villages on the tiny islands are the best way to do so!

4.  Learn how to windsurf

For a taste of some of the Maldives’ more challenging activities, try your hand at windsurfing at Lhohifushi and Dhonveli in the North Malé Atoll. These two relatively reasonably-priced island resorts are where the country's most famous breaks can be found. The season for surf lasts from March-October.

5. Marvel at Malé’s fish market

The whole of Malé is a hive of economic activity – everybody seems to be buying or selling something, but this is most evident at the busy fish market on the waterfront, where produce fresh from the sea is gutted and sold right before your eyes. You would find it difficult to believe, but lots of tourists throng the fish market here just for its vibe and hustle bustle.

6.  Mix with the locals in Malé

The tiny, crowded capital of the Maldives is a fantastic place for a visit as it gives you the chance to see real life away from the resorts and meet Maldivians on an equal footing. Don’t miss the beautiful 17th-century coral stone Hukuru at Friday Mosque or the interesting exhibits, including the Sultan's thrones and palanquins, in Malé's National Museum. One of the most densely populated Capital city in the world, Malé is a place where it seems like a celebration is on the way every day of the year!

7.  Spend the night on an uninhabited island

One of the many Uninhabited Islands

One of the many Uninhabited Islands

Maldives has about 1200 islands and only a few, roughly 200 are inhabited. This gives a huge opportunity to visitors of having an uninhabited island to them for a day! A day and a night spent alone on an uninhabited island is quite the experience, and you can usually do so as part of an island-hopping tour. Another option is to combine a visit to a fishing village with a trip to an uninhabited island, where the day is often rounded off with a beach barbecue as the sun sets. For us, Island hopping on uninhabited islands also tops in the list of things to do in Maldives on honeymoon!This is also the closest you can get to experience an entire island like it was your own!

8.  Hulhumalé- A man made wonder!

Hulamale- Man made Island

Hulamale- Man made Island

The ferry trip from Malé to the nearby manmade island of Hulhumalé, is a look into the future. A utopian town, Hulhumalé is set to become the new hub of the Maldives in decades to come as sea levels rise. At 2m above sea level, it is mountainous by local standards! Wide roads, new constructions, gardens and mosques line this beautiful island. A walk here would actually make you marvel at the beauty we human beings are capable of creating!

9. Treat yourself to a spa treatment

For an enormous range of treatments including massages, relaxation therapies and pampering yourself silly, make an appointment at your resort's spa – now a feature at almost every resort on the islands. For an extra special treat book a couple-massage for you and your partner.

10.   Volunteer as a conservationist

Many of the high-end resorts now have a dedicated team of scientists taking care of the local marine life. They will usually have volunteer programs allowing guests to get involved for a short amount of time. Typical activities include seeding coral reefs, and looking after juvenile sharks, turtles and rare fish in captivity. Again it is a unique and one of its kind opportunity for tourists.

11.   Watch the sun sink on a boat cruise

A country which is all about crystal clear blues and shiny white sands, it would be a shame not to hop on a boat cruise. A sunset boat cruise aboard a dhoni, the wooden boat that is the Maldives' standard mode of transport is a blissful way to end the day. You'll cruise around uninhabited islands, where you'll be served drinks and snacks while local musicians play their traditional bodu beru drums to attract dolphins.

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12. While away the day in Vilingil

If Malé's crowded streets leave you searching for relaxation and the quieter side of the Maldives, make the short ferry journey to the tranquil neighbouring island of Vilingili. Join locals at the beach, watch cricket matches in the park, and picnic under the multitude of gently-waving palm trees.

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13. Wreck dive the Maldives Victory

An unforgettable underwater experience for divers is the wreck of the merchant ship Maldives Victory, which lies 35 m (115 ft) below the waves near Hulhule. Sunk in 1981, the ship has become an artificial reef with coral, sponges and fish making it their home.


14. A visit to the Museum

 Located in the former Sultan's Palace, the museum has preserved valuable relics since 1952. Here, visitors are treated to a spectacular display of regal objects, ornate attire, coins, royal sunshades, jewellery and thrones. There are artefacts from the pre-Islamic era from almost a thousand years ago. Having received a multi-million dollar facelift in 2012, courtesy to the Chinese government, the National Museum now has more space to showcase its collection. The National Museum welcomes visitors from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.

So, this is Maldives for you! And after going through this list, you should be clear with why this place is a little different from the other beach destinations. There are enough things to do in Maldives alone and even for a family on holiday.  After giving us these wonderful destination attractions and top 15 things to do in Maldives, our contributors and partners for this post- Maldive tours also gave us an insight into the Country, its etiquettes, rules and visa formalities in Maldives; But for that you will have to return to us as in a few days for a different post where we give comprehensive details on every thing you need to know about visiting Maldives.

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