The Mighty Himalayas Can Be The Most Moving Experience Of Your Life!

 We always wanted to showcase the beauty of the majestic Himalayas and as luck would have it, we stumbled upon the guys from . We were blown away by their Instagram pictures on these mountain ranges. So here we are with a photo feature on the Mighty Himalayas in all their splendour. The facets of Himachal and Ladakh would leave you spellbound. The untouched villages in the middle of nowhere are as stunning as they are unbelievable. For more of such stunning pics do checkout the Instagram profile of our friends from Indcanvas.

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Rakcham- The Hidden Paradise

While travelling from Sangla to Chitkul (in Himachal Pradesh), you will come across this breathtaking valley on the banks of River Baspa comfortably hidden away from the modern world . Nestled between mighty snow covered peaks and a lush green landscape, Rakcham or Rakchham is heaven on earth

In the Middle of nowhere

Travel to the end of the world to experience solitude. To experience what we are made of. To understand that sleeping under the blue sky and watching the clouds fly by is priceless! Life feels complete here without any possessions. This is somewhere in Shyam valley of Ladakh!

Yep we are Minuscule!

We are really really tiny in this grand setting of mother nature! Let us try and understand our place in it and treat nature with some respect. Let us save it, otherwise landscapes like these will remain only in the pictures. Since we are at it, try to find a man in the image. I won't be surprised if you missed him before reading that he is in there somewhere.
(Shot somewhere in Shyam valley, Ladakh.)

Golden Peaks that steal your heart!

I was told specifically to get on the first flight to Leh from Delhi. "Its the most beautiful aerial route" I was told and I couldn't clearly apprehend the meaning of it. But only until about 30-40 minutes after the flight took off and sun started to rise, lighting up every peak in the visibility range. And I was lucky enough to be sitting on the left side of the plane to capture this magnificent phenomena!! 

Chitkul (Himachal)- The last inhabited village near Indo-China border

Chitkul is at a height of 3450 Meter. This is the last village of India to the side of Tibet border by the side of Baspa river. Tourists stay at Sangla and go for half day trip to Chitkul. During winters, the place mostly remains covered with the snow and the inhabitants move to lower regions of Himachal. Potatoes grown at Chitkul are one of the best in the world and they do come at a hefty price tag!

Bong Bong La- Back to the Ice Age!

During winters, Bong Bong la can make you feel like another Ice age has arrived. Literally everything you see is covered with ice and average temperate rages from -30 to -35. We must mention the chilly winds that add up another 10 degrees to this wonderful experience. 

Spituk Gustor

Gustor literally means 'Sacrifice of the 29th day'. It is traditional to the monasteries of the reformist Geluk-pa order of Tibetan Buddhism. This two-day long festival is held mainly in the Spituk, Thikse and Karsha (Zanskar) monasteries, at different times every year. The celebration ends with the dismemberment and dispersal of the 'Storma' (sacrificial cake) by the leader of the Black Hat dancers in a ceremony called 'Argham' of 'Killing'. This symbolizes the destruction of all forms of evil and is also a re-enactment of the assassination of the Tibetan apostate King Lang-dar-ma by a Buddhist monk in mid 9th century. In some monasteries, an effigy symbolising the strong forces of evil is burnt at the end of the festival. The masks worn by the dancers represent the guardian divinities (Dharmapalas) of the Buddhist pantheon, and the patron divinities of the Geluk-pa order.

Moon land In India

180° view of Moonland, near Lamayuru, Ladakh. It is usually all brown when the snow melts. Winter and its magic!! There is a road sign intentionally kept in the picture for you to judge the scale of it! Almost 20 images stitched together to create this panorama.

Chitkul....that priceless serenity

Somewhere in the middle of no where. On the way towards Chitkul.

Like a Painting!

Literally In the middle of nowhere. Finding solitude which is worth a million dollars. You could never find this kind of inner peace and contentment in material and worldly comforts.

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