10 Most Romantic Destinations in the World

At Bohotraveller, we don’t wait for 14th February to show our romantic side. Every day is an opportunity to make that someone special actually feel special.  And the fault is in our hearts that melt faster than the dug-in choco lava cake! At Bohotraveller, romance is more than candle lit dinners, sensual salsa and thoughtful gifts….it is of course about travelling! Every day is a valentine’s day at these handpicked locations and some of these are completely out of ordinary. So pack all the mush and step out to spread some love!

1.       San Miguel De Allende, Mexico

The freewheeling Mexican spirit comes alive in San Miguel De Allende.  Its colourful structures lined along the cobbled stone paths come right from a tale laden with kisses that never end. The romance of this city is more about its aura and atmosphere. Of course this quaint city has its share of famous tourist attractions like the chapel of Parroquia de San Miguel Arcangel, Art galleries, Museums……all you have to do is just walk hand in hand, all dreamy eyed! We highly recommend El Jardin- the central square of this picturesque city which gives you an opportunity to soak in the local culture. The food here is as vibrant as its history where you can dine on streets or go a little fine at the many gourmet restaurants. What makes dining exceptionally romantic here is that most of the restaurants have a rooftop overlooking the city…..we are already starry-eyed!

Our picks of must-do for lovebirds:

Where to stay: Add on to the romance of the trip by staying at Casa Schuck Boutique hotel or Casa Misha. Both add that extra Mexican spice to your trip! Click here for more options.

How to reach:

By Road: Highway 57D from Mexico City to San Miguel by hired car or public bus – 260 Kilometres

By Train: Terminal Del Sur Ciudad Terminal (Mexico City) to Terminal San Miguel de Allende (5 hours 47 minutes)

By Air: Nearest Airport Guanajuato is about 97 kilometres from San Miguel de Allende.Click here for best rates on flight bookings.


2.       Reykjavik, Iceland

We at Bohotraveller find places with cold weather quite romantic. Why? Well they give you perfect excuse to hug, touch and hide into those warm embraces! Reykjavik, Capital City of Iceland goes a step further; it gives you an opportunity to just settle in the warm waters of hot natural springs amidst breathtaking views with that special someone. If your idea of romance is to laze and pamper your love with some spa treatment then Reykjavik is your destination of love as it is home to the famous geothermal spa- Blue lagoon. Once out of the inviting waters do make your way to Gjain. It is a scenic spot that is popular for its tranquillity amongst the forest completed by a waterfall. But be prepared to either hike or get a four wheel drive to get there for a romantic rendezvous…..trust us it would be completely worth it! Dolphin tours and whaling expeditions are also a highlight of this region, that is of course if you don’t get seasick!

Our picks of must-do for lovebirds:

Where to Stay: Hotel Berg and Northern Light Inn are highly recommended for a delightful stay at Reykjavik. Northern Light inn is strategically located near the famous blue lagoon.

How to reach:

By sea: Arrive by Smyril Line car ferry from northern Europe to port of Seyðisfjörður from where Reykjavik is about 8-9 hours by road. During summers you can take a cruise that would get you straight to Reykjavik.

By Air: Nearest Airport Keflavik International Airport is about 25 kilometres from here. Click here for best rates on flight bookings.


3.       Rothenburg ob der Tauber, Germany

This marvellous hamlet looks like a toy town at first and is quite difficult to believe that it is as real as the world gets. This well preserved medieval town transports you to the era long gone. Blooming flowers along the cobbled streets shadowed by the unique Bavarian buildings create a film set kind of ambience here. Take a walk in the plush gardens of Burggarten by the riverside and steal those quiet moments away from the world. Of course we also highly recommend holding hands under the night sky in a town as enchanting as this since they do have some night tours here!

There are two lovebirds who completely agree on our take on Rothenberg and its romantic aura. Read on what they have to say about Rothenberg  http://www.2cameras1bucketlist.com/why-we-loved-rothenburg-ob-der-tauber-and-cant-wait-to-go-back/

Our picks of must-do for lovebirds:

Where to Stay: Enjoy the heart warming views of the breathtaking valley at Silence Burghotel or enjoy a slice of Bavarian heritage at Hotel Herrnschloesschen. Click here for more hotel options.

How to reach:

By Road:  Rent a car from Frankfurt and you can take A7 and A3 which is a stretch of 181 Kilometres. Do note that cars are allowed inside Rothenburg only if you have a hotel booking confirmation otherwise you may park your car at the parking lots and walk rest of the way.

By Train: Frankfurt Hauptwache terminal to Rothenburg ob der Tuaber Hbf takes about three hours.

By Air: Nearest Airport, Nürnberg is 78 Kilometres from here.Click here for best rates on flight bookings.


4.       Pangasinan’s Sinking Island,  Philippines



Your love is rare and special, so gift it a trip to sinking island of Pangasinan which is as rare as your love is! This tiny spot of white sand emerges from the turquoise blue waters only during low tide to vanish under them again during the high tide. See the magic of nature as it unfolds in front of your eyes. BTW do not forget that bottle of champagne to celebrate this unique phenomenon that is as precious as you two are for each other! And make it quick because with Global warming becoming a threat with each passing day, a day might come when even a low tide does not bring forth this island. On the other side, you can just immerse yourself in the caress of crystal clear water and indulge in some warm sands on the spectacular beaches of Pangasinan.

Our picks of must-do for lovebirds: 

  • Day tour of Hundred Islands;
  • A swim in Enchanted cave;
  • A dip in Bolinao falls;
  • Dining at Cuenco Cave

Places to stay: Choose to stay at Puerto Del Sol beach resort and make sure that every meal you have is on the beach- because there is no better way to make it romantic!

How to reach:

By Road: Hire a car and drive 202 Kilometres from Manila via express highway R8.

By Air: Manila Airport is about 192 Kilometres and Subic Bay Airport is 167 Kilometres away from Pangasinan. From both, you will have to travel by road to reach your destination.Click here for best rates on flight bookings.


5.       Porto, Portugal

A glass of wine over sun melting into blue expanse of ocean against a dramatic play of oranges and reds……..dahlings romance is the other name of Porto! This historic port city gives you a dream-like Riviera on the banks of River Dauro and of course for that overload of love and romance, you can take a cruise on the ferry as well. Let your fairy tale romance take off on the beauty as you soak up the sights of medieval buildings, palaces and churches here. Set the child in you free on the scooter tours. Dine in style and make sure you try wine tasting because Porto is famous for its port wine. And as we say……..sip some wine and love would bloom just like that!

Our picks of must-do for lovebirds:

Where to Stay: Gorgeous Pestana Palacio do Freixo has caught our attention and we love the fact that this hotel gives enchanting view of the River Dauro! Check out other hotel options here.


Where to Stay: Gorgeous Pestana Palacio do Freixo has caught our attention and we love the fact that this hotel gives enchanting view of the River Dauro! Check out other hotel options here.

How to reach:

By Air: Porto is well connected by flights from Lisbon. Fransisco sa Carnerio Airport is located about 11 kilometres from the city center.

By Train: Porto is serviced by two main railway stations. Estacao de Sao bento ( Sao Bento railway station) locazted in central Porto is the terminal for regional trains traveling from north. You may also opt for entering Porto from south (like from Lisbon) and alight at Estacao de Campanha ( Campanha train station). A train trip from Lisbon to Porto takes about 3 hours. Campanha train station is also the international train terminal. Click here for train schedule and ticket prices. 

By Bus: You can take a bus to Porto not only from Lisbon but from other international destinations as well. Rede Nacional de Expressos operates 9 trips daily from Lisbon to Porto. Internote connects Porto to Paris and two other locations in France. Eurolines offers the best deals to connect Porto to a host of international destinations. 

By Car: Porto is very well connected with entire Portugal. You can rent a car and take motorway A1 from Lisbon or A3 from Minho or A4 from Tras-os-Montes. Motorways A29 and A28 also cross Porto so you may reach Porto via Braga , Aviero or Viana do Castelo.


6.       Luang Prabang, Laos

Luang Prabang has a sleepy quality to it which puts you in a mood to holiday. This place is a potpourri of Buddhist culture seamlessly integrated with the French architecture- a reminiscent of its history as a French colony. It is easy to forget that you are actually not in Europe when visiting landmarks like the living land company and Old quarter. Since we believe in getting wet and wild in love, our main reason to introduce you to this town is Kuang Si, Tad Thong and Tad Sae Waterfalls. Kuang Si falls also have a Butterfly park in vicinity. Perrrfect for that romantic getaway……!! Luang Prabang is ripe with Natural beauty so hiking and walking tours amidst lush forests and hills place is a must here!

Our picks of must-do for lovebirds:

Where to Stay: Belmond la Residence Phou Vao is our pick for its serene environs and yes, that poolside candle lit dinner that they specially organize on request!

BelleRive boutique hotel also impressed us with its captivating view of Mekong river flowing by its side!

Click here for more hotel options

How to reach:

By Road: it is 811 Kilometres from Hanoi by car.

By Air: Luan Prabang has its own International Airport with great connectivity!Click here for best rates on flight bookings.


7.       Antigua and Barbuda

Pristine beaches and blooming greens greet you as you set your eyes on the beautiful islands of this country in the Caribbean. It is unbelievable how much this place has to offer inspite of being so tiny. Color your love pink in low bay, an island beach here that boasts of seventeen miles of pink coral sands! Listen to the call of wild at Barbuda which has a rich bird life teeming on its islands. Abandoned forts and Neolithic caves further add to the mysticism of this archipelago. There are over twenty beaches to choose from. If you are the kind who loves crowds then head for Dickenson bay which has a celebratory mood with loads of people thronging the sands and swimming the waters no matter what time of the day or which month of the year it is! For the lovers who just want to spend time diving into calm and crystal clear waters with no one disturbing them, this heaven does afford such opportunities in abundance. A few days here would not only rejuvenate your love but life itself!

Our picks of must-do for lovebirds:

Where to stay: What we love about Galley bay resort here is that it gives you all the privacy you need. Of course if you are the adventurous and activity kind, rest assured you won’t be disappointed! 

Our next pick is The Verandah Resort and Spa that is every couple’s dream. Emerald green grounds overlooking the beach and carts that are ready to tread you down any path you want to go to. BTW food from their Kitchen is highly recommended! 

Click here for more hotel options.

 How to Reach:

By Air: Nearest Airport is Barbuda Airport which is over 60 kilometres away and on a separate island! Click here for best rates on flight bookings.You can choose to travel inter-island by inter-island Airlines or by sea on boats.

Bigger budget? Hire a Yacht!

Note: Once you are on the island, ample taxi services are available to take you around.


8.       Montreux,  Switzerland

Leaving Switzerland out of the list of most romantic places would be a sin we definitely don’t want to commit! Though we would recommend this entire country as quite romantic, Montreux particularly stole our heart. Give your romance a generous sprinkle of world renowned wines and then take your lady love for a walk on the promenade along Lake Leman. Aah……a perfect setting for that unforgettable kiss. Drench yourself in the old Edwardian atmosphere as you take a ride on the rack railway- Golden Pass line (Yes, it exists!) and do not miss the famous landmark that represents this beautiful place- Chateau De Chillon. We also recommend leisurely walks amongst the world’s finest vineries in this part of the world. And oh we almost forgot……any jazz lovers out there? Freddie Mercury Memorial proudly stands in the heart of this city and you are sure to pass it when taking in the sights of this city!

Our picks of must-do for lovebirds:

Where to Stay: Give your love a regal treat at Fairmont Le Montreux Palace. If you dig something modern then Eurotel Riviera Montreux should do it for you. An elegant property right on the lake! Click here for more hotel options .

 How to Reach:

By Road: It is 90 Kilometres from Bern and 94 from Geneva. Hire a car as from  Geneva, the entire road runs around the scenic views of Lake Leman!

By trains: Eurorail takes about an hour to Reach Montreux from Geneva and Hour and a half from Bern.

By Air: Geneva and Bern are the nearest Airports.Click here for best rates on flight bookings.


9.       Hydra Island, Greece

Hydra has the old world Grecian charm. The minute you step on this island, the first realization is complete absence of modern buildings. The traditional flavour of Hydra makes it one charming place where time stops. There are hardly any cars or automobiles here and the pristine environment has been painstakingly conserved. Inspite of Hydra being such a famous tourist destination, it seems quite untouched by the outer world. Just laze on its enchanting beaches, go fishing or simply stay put in each other’s arms…….it is one place that has all the place for love!

Our picks of must-do for lovebirds:

How to reach:

By sea: Many ferries, boats, water buses and cruises run from Karnidi to Hydra island.

Please note you first have to take a bus/ rent a cab to Ermioni Port from Athens. They are 170 Kilometres apart.

By Air: Nearest Airport is Athens International Airport and thereafter you need to travel by road and sea.Click here for best rates on flight bookings.


10.       Kakslauttanen, Finland

This is the only resort in our most romantic destination because this property is so unique that we decided to call it a destination in its own right! Kakslauttanen comes right out of a fairy tale Disney movie. Situated in Finland, this property was initially noticed by many tourists because of the Awe-My-God accommodation they provide to their guests here. Move over the usual rooms and cottages (BTW….guests here swear by them too), they have igloos here that too with glass ceiling! Why glass ceiling you may ask- so that you can witness the magic of Northern lights or Aurora play out in the night sky from the comfort of your cozy bed! Even if you are not lucky enough to see Aurora, the dazzling spectacle of star studded sky should keep you hooked.

Our picks of must-do for lovebirds:

How to reach:

By Road: Kakslauttanen is over 1000 kilometres by road from Helsinki. Click here for car rentals

By train: You can take a train ride of ten hours from Helsinki to Rovaneimi which is 246 kilometres from Kakslauttanen.

By Air: Ivalo Airport is the nearest Airport and is about 37 kilometres from here.Click here for best rates on flight bookings.


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