Just arrived: Terrific Taiwan from the lens of Daniel Bechsgaard

Because Photo features make the best way to soak in the scenery of every splendid place in the world! Here is a look at Taiwan, a splendid island destination which is part of China through the lens of Daniel Bechsgaard!

1. Changshung Tzu Temple

The changshung tzu temple in Taiwan's Taroko Gorge. The beauty of this temple and the surrounding scenery cannot be described in words.

2. Sizihwan Port

Kaohsiung City's Sizihwan port. Beaches, great food, and beautiful scenery describe this spot best!

3. Green Island

An outlook at the top of Taiwan's Green Island. Taiwan's islands are where the real beauty and culture are to be seen.

4. A Typhoon on approach

A typhoon approaching Green Island's pristine blue waters. Nothing seemed scary until it hit!

5. The Spiritual Taiwan

A monk on a Segway at Kaohsiung City's lotus pond. It shows how Taiwan's spirituality meets its modern society.

6. The Waterfall country

A waterfall in Pingtung county nestled in complete tranquillity and gorgeous lush. Taiwan has a huge concentration of incredible waterfalls.

7. Coast to Coast

Taiwan's wild coast at the southern tip.

8. The Deads and the Beautiful!

Taiwanese grave sites are often very beautiful and situated in gorgeous areas of the island. This one was on little liuqiu island.

9. Sunset before the Storm

A beautiful sunset on Kaohsiung city before typhoon Nepartak hit Taiwan.

10. The Hot Quotient

Taiwan loves its hot springs and this one located on green island is surrounded by incredible beauty.

So these were the 10 beauties that Daniel shared with us. While we are still hungover, it is time to introduce the guy behind the lens!

Daniel Bechsgaard is a recent high school graduate, traveller, and entrepreneur. He built remotesuccess.net to help people travel while earning money like he does. You can check out his photography at www.instagram.com/remote_success/.


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